That Shirt Makes Me Want To Eat A Cheeseburger

THOSE BONES! Oh Nicole Richie! Please be more cautious when you are choosing your wardrobe. Here she is with her man at a zoo in Sydney.




  1. Sarah says

    That is so disgusting that I can barely look at her. How can she not see that she looks awful?? She is nothing but skin and bones…

  2. Margot says

    Wow, a lot of very harsh comments. More vitriolic than usually found here. Makes for some pretty unpleasant reading.

  3. Jessica says

    Did you hear about when Nicole R. and Joel M. went to the zoo? The animals tried to feed HER!!!

    Ha ha ha. I love this website!

  4. abby says

    no way she is pregnat, you cant have a baby when you are that thin.
    If she is so rick why cant she afford food, somebody get this a bitch a burger.

  5. ali says

    i totally agree margot..everybody is being really heartless about some stupid shirt nicole richie wore

  6. Mom says

    OMG . she looks AWFUL . . and the camera ADDS 10 lbs!!! Get some help Nicole and EAT or I predict we will be reading your obituary soon!

  7. katie says

    its actully quite sad because she obviously has a problem and while she doesnt look good ur comments are a bit harsh because suffering from an ED is not something many ppl chose..

  8. says

    I definately am in agreement with the photoshopped pic- these photos are just manipulated to allow even more leverage for the public to pick on her…

  9. Kathleen says

    HMMM–I am seeing ribbone/cage where the shape of her breasts SHOULD be! GEEZ! I thought that she was getting healthier. Pls. Nicole–eat something–QUICK!

  10. MsCarla says

    I like how you said "shirt." On pregnant me, that would be a shirt, but Nicole Ritchie is swimming in that baggy dress! 😀

  11. kikilicious says

    Rule of thumb…NOBODY should wear a top that low…if u got breasts then u look really slutty (unless u can contain ur breasts !!) and if ur this thin u look like ur trying to copy poor ethiopian kids. Its funny how some people are dying cuz they have no food and others look like they are dying cuz they dont want to eat !!! I just dont beleive anyone can be that thin naturally.

  12. Nick says

    I think the negative comments here may be vitriolic…


    What, do you want girls in her age group and younger to see this disgusting picture and think it is acceptable and stylish??


    They read the negative comments and get a real perspective that this girl is NOT attractive. She is NOT talented. She is an example of a privileged upbringing and a self absorbed train wreck.

  13. JEANS says

    she is awful lookin! She looks like an old woman! And WHO wears that outfit to a freaking ZOO?!!!!

  14. JoAnn says

    haha my first thought after being shocked at seeing her bones. Was, who the hell wears heels to the zoo!? Zoos are usually very large and that means lots of walking. Maybe some nutrients might bring some sense to her brain.

  15. Renee says

    I thought she was looking better.
    Are these pics very recent?
    is there anyway the sternum was photoshopped to look more dramatic?

  16. pookie lala says

    she looks as if she has a baby bump. but who am i to say? im not pregnant either and i get "when are you due?" all the time. it sucks, because i want a baby!!
    but nicole, honey, please. get some help..

  17. maria says

    yuck yuck yuck! just the other day we saw such nice pics of her looking all healthy and now this. please … get some food!

  18. Angela says

    She looks awful. Way too skinny. Dont know how Joel can find her attractive. She has the body of a little girl.

  19. blah says

    i guess joel madden has a thing for skinny girls! hilary duff is a twig and so nicole richie!its like sleeping with a corpse! whatever his into!who knows

  20. steph says

    why are people so cruel that they have to fixate on the way she looks, who cares are you her family or friend? Obviously not, so why bask her when you dont know all details of her life, it may be something bigger!

  21. Panny says

    Yummy Yummy….
    i wanna eat her all up!!!
    I love her……
    Oh yeah baby….
    Oh yeah

  22. Lily says

    I really love the outfit! Even if this was photo shopped, shes obviously has had a problem for a while, whether its a eating disorder or drug problem.

  23. pussy says

    worry about your selfs and not others. Think that someday that can be your kid, then what will you do. So instead of sitting here thinking about what bad things you are gonna say about someone that i am sure you will never see or meet in your life worry about yourself and what thing you can do for you or someone that you can actually help out.

  24. Anonymous says

    I really just kinda feel sorry for her for the simple fact that she is always just trying toooooooo hard. She always ends up being ultra thin so tha the guy that she is with will stay faithful to her and wont have a wandering eye I suppose. But the funny part about that is that it doesn’t matter how thin she is, her man is human and will always look at other women, so she should just learn to love herself no matter what and quit trying to be something that will appease a man. I hate the fact that women, mostly women, let men do that to them. Why can’t women just be secure with who they are and not need to be unrealistic about who they are or how they look??? Because really it willnever be good enough. Like I said, men are human and they are always going to look at other women, as long as they are not acting on it then it is just another part of life and the human condition. It is really sexy for a woman to be self assured and very secure with who they are. When she is able to do that and not let someone make her feel indifferent in her own skin then she will overcome being manipulated into a cookie cutter of the Hollywood persona.