Well, The Back Of Liam’s Head Is Adorable

I wish Tori Spelling would have given us one good shot of her son while being photographed at the Silver Spoon’s Annual Dog and Baby Buffet. But these will most certainly do. You can see the love pouring out of these proud parents. And that lil’ pumpkin is adorable from any angle.Click on the thumbnails below to see more shots.


  1. huh says

    all of you must be blind….not only is tori ugly but that kid looks like a wrinkled up alien!!!!!
    i believe in telling the truth no matter how much it might hurt….just because its a baby….doesnt mean it is automatically "adorable" get real!!!!

  2. Kat2 says

    They look tired… I always appreciate celebrity new-parent pictures that are real like that.

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