Tyra Banks Opens Up About Her Diet And Exercise Routine In Shape

We had quite a debate last time I posted the cover of Tyra Banks on the cover of Shape Magazine. Their PR team was kind enough to send me some quotes from her upcoming interview. No mention on whether or not these pictures were photoshopped. Although many of INO’s readers have said they specifically heard that the shoot was not. Read below to see what Tyra has done to get back into shape.

On her food mission:

“I want everyone to eat healthy foods.”

On how she has changed her eating habits:

“Sometimes the only thing in my kitchen when I got home at night was Tang and microwave popcorn, so that was my dinner.”Today, she eats plenty of fresh fruits (her favorites: mango and papayas) and salads with chicken, shrimp, or other protein, and she snacks on crudités with onion dip. She recently hired a part time chef to help her out in the evenings… . “He makes meals and leaves them for me when I get home,” she says.

On making the decision to become an healthy eater:

“I realized I needed to take better care of myself, and I knew this would be the best way to do that.”

On her workout routine:

“Whole months went by when I didn’t work out,” she admits. “Months! But then I’d get on a kick and become really motivated and do three miles every day on the treadmill for weeks.” “Now I’m much more diligent,” she says. “I do treadmill intervals – ” I mix walking and running. Or I just run outside.”




  1. Anonymous says

    see is beautiful,n luv her hour glass figur!! love you tyra, you are the inspiration for women.

  2. Princess says

    It doesn’t matter if there is retouching or not what Tyra is saying is basically be healthy you don’t have to be a size 2 to be healthy I understand that and I am a size 3, a lot of women should be inspired by this woman b/c she is showing what most of the women in America look like actually most of the women in America don’t look that good but basically they are overweight or obese, Personally I think most of the people that have bad things to say about others have their own issues, cause her body to me looks excellent she’s showed it on her show and she is hott. GO TYRA!

  3. KateS says

    Sorry, but all those shadow, highlights and shading are a result of editing. I do not think there is any mag on the stands that does not edit their cover photos. The cover shot is basically what sells the magazine.
    Its great she embraces her curves, but there is definitely some photoshop goin on there.

  4. LN says

    yea seriously suzy, you must be blind! that is the only logical explanation you do not see the OBVIOUS retouching. hahahaha.

  5. brick195969 says

    forget the photo shop , is it me or is she channeling janet jackson, cause that is who she looks like exactly, allt hat photo shop
    must have done it.

  6. tash l says

    yea uu rox tyra. fuk im not skinny and i dont give ashit all u bastered are jelous leave poor wee tyra alone