Eva Longoria Taking Care Of Some Last Minute Wedding Details

Eva Longoria made a quick trip to Paris with her future mother-in-law to finalize some loose ends for her July wedding to Tony Parker. How exciting!! I can only imagine how beautiful that day is going to be. I wonder what kind of dress Eva is going to wear – princess like or slim and sleek?




  1. Noone cares says

    MAkes you wonder why she wont put out until the wedding night.
    I usually attribute this to the woman being HORRIBLE in bed and wanting
    to keep it under wraps until the man is trapped.

  2. Mary says

    i think that people who says bad things about her is just jealous!! She has personality and good looks… but just she is tiny..
    that;s all

  3. Caroline says

    For all of you that says that she is overrated i think that you are just JEALOUS..
    she has personality and is pretty… so because her personality she is well paid!!
    you just have to learn it!