Jessica And Ashlee Simpson – Sister Cat Fight

Star Magazine is reporting that Ashlee and Jessica Simpson are no longer getting along. Jessica is rumored to be jealous of how much attention Ashlee is getting after getting her nose job and going blonde. Apparently, John Mayer got the girl’s mixed up in some old photos and Jes flipped her lid.

“There’s certainly a sibling rivalry between them,” a source close to the two tells Star. The trouble began, says another insider when Jess’s boyfriend, John Mayer, pointed to a glamorous magazine photo and asked Jess, “How old is this picture of you?” But-whoops!-it was a shot of Ashlee! “Jessica read John the riot act,” says our source. “He definitely touched a nerve.” Her sensitivity on the subject seems to be the direct result of Ashlee’s emergence as a sex kitten, a role once owned by Jessica. That Ashlee has become the hot blonde – ” a transformation that came courtesy of a surgeon’s knife, a bottle of peroxide and dramatic weight loss- is troubling to Jessica, who has morphed into a buxom and sometimes frumpy brunette due to a dye job and about 20 extra pounds. “Jessica hears the catty talk about how Ashlee looks like her- from two years ago,” says the source. “It totally bothers her.”

Personally, I think Jessica is having the time of her life. I think that Ashlee and Jessica might not be hanging out as much as they used to. But that is what happens when you become part of a committed relationship. Jessica was recently interviewed on Extra TV and said that she truly feels blessed.

“It’s really going to be a year where I am no longer the girl with potential,” Jessica said. “I’m the butterfly. I’ve got to get my life together and become the woman that I’ve always wanted to be. And just love life and love who I am. I’m so blessed.”




  1. Leslie Mcguckin says

    i dont know if i believe all this i just couldnt imagine being jealouse of my sister and not being happy for her if she was getting so much attension i never really understood how sisters get like that.