Cameron Diaz Insists She Is Just Friends With Justin Timberlake… And Is Oh So Popular

“We’re friends, so we’re OK,” said Diaz. “All you want is that the person you care about to be happy … It’s like high school. We’re like the popular kids. Everybody wants to know what happens to us.”




  1. says

    you all are so stupid, i don;t understand why yall dont mind your own frekin buisness anyway, you guys act like your not human shit leave the poor woman alon for God;s sake

  2. JR says

    And lets talk about how Cameron is making more money then any of you on here. So call her a dumb broad, I doubt her and her millions really care.


  3. Hi says

    its not that your popular, its just like watching a tv show b/c ur life is a drama to the viewers.

  4. Misty says

    uh i like cameron diaz and justin timberlake… they make a cute couple diaz is georgeous and so is Timberlake so i think all you boobs making bad comments are just jelous of her because she is beautiful

  5. sara says

    GET OVER YOURSELF UGLY, NO GOOD ACTRESS!!!! Give me a break! The only type of popularity contest this loser can win is "skank!".


  6. Kathleen says

    Everyone knows that LIfe as we know it STOPS after age 15–There is NO life after high school…or college, for that matter! LOL! :)

  7. judy says

    Maybe she should be quiet, its not the first time she opened her mouth and stupidity fell out!

  8. Honey=) says

    I like Cam))And i also like Justin=)
    Jessica Biel is…ugly…for me…Cam is cute:she has sunny face,eyes…i mean,she is so positive)))And i think she is a good actress,and Biel is not(in ma opinion)
    Cameron just said wat was in her mind…And i agree with her…

  9. Kathleen says

    GEEZ, no wonder she is COMMITMENT-phobic–she still THINKS that she is in HIGH SCHOOL–SCARY! She comes up with the LAMEST quotes!

  10. Fearless says

    Jessica Biel is definitely hotter! So Diaz, run and hide when u c Jess and Jus. Your face should be used in a Flat screen TV commercial by Daewoo.