Elizabeth Hasselbeck Pretends Nothing Is Wrong

I wish that Elizabeth Hasselbeck would just admit that the fight she had with Rosie O’Donnell this morning affected her. I would be so pissed if someone came at me like that. But she told Extra TV that everything is fine and their friendship still stands.

I am fine. We are used to debating things there. You have women who care a lot about things. The best thing about today is that there’s no slow boil, none. It’s there, it’s an issue, it’s dealt with and it’s over. If there are tensions, [and] obviously there was, it’s dealt with in the moment.”
“We’ve invested a lot into our friendship. We also have a lot of passion. The best thing about us is that we are honest and deal with things up front. I honestly think, I believe that we are mature women who can resolve. I hope we can. I would hope that a disagreement or a heated debate wouldn’t be the end of a relationship. … They take work. I’m hoping that can happen here too. I don’t think that is impossible at all.”

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  1. Passerby says


  2. lina says

    I am so sorry about what I said earlier. I realized after I thought about it that I am a stupid uneducated republican know it all. I also realize that 67% of the public does not approve of the president….and they are right he is a loser and embarassment to the country.

  3. linda says

    i have to submit my opinion. EH is a moronic bimbo.
    RO is totally correct in her view of how any why
    the present president and his monkeys led us into
    this world changing assault on a world. many things
    will be impacted by their stupidity and aggression.
    EH is loud , pushy, and wrong in her views. i will not
    watch the view if rosie goes.

  4. Jennifer says

    Elizabeth is nothing but a fame seeker, and she has found her nitch being the Republican mouthpiece. Her loyalty will shift with the wind. There are a million stepford wives out there JUST like her, regurgitating what their rich husbands and fathers say. I would not be at all surprised if she is being paid by the Republicans.

  5. gloria says

    i always wondered why they ever put elizabeth on the view — she has to be the most BORING & dim witted of all of the talk show hosts in history!
    now that she is opening up her mouth, well- – much worse — the view needs to get rid of her and E should run the other way, unless of course, they want their ratings to drop.

  6. Jenny says

    I am glad Rosie is gone. She does not know everything on all subjects. I could care less about her sexual perferences and do not care to hear about her PRIVATE life. Enjoy a good debate when all are equal. Rosie seems to feel her opinions are absolute and the rest of us can not think for ourseleves and need her to tell how us to think. Debates are healthly expressions of a variety of thoughts. Thank God for freedom of speech.

  7. B Dale says

    I was so surprised that Elisabeth got totally out of control so quickly. I feel she should leave the view also. I also believe that Rosie tried to be a friend to her and that she did help E with her career.

  8. Tj says

    Ummm…you people act like you are personally acquainted with "Ro" and "Elisabeth"…HELLO?????
    Reality TV has taken its toll!

    GET A LIFE!!!!

  9. Kristie says

    Rosie is loud and opinionated she never disputed that claim (rather she embraces it) However to take this arguement down to the real question, Elizabeth did not and would not answer it. It had nothing to do with their political views, if Elizabeth would have shut her mouth long enough she would have heard the question being asked "DO you Elizabeth as my friend believe I believe our troops are terrorists?" However she refused to answer that question, what kind of FRIEND hangs the other friend out to dry like that REGARDLESS of your political views??? Anyone who watched the original show knows that Rosie DID NOT say we were terrorist, she posed the question asking if we could be defined as terrorist. I ask you if China were to invade us, the USA, because they feel their form of government is superior and we should form a government like theirs would we consider their troops to be terrorist? Who or what is the actual definition of the word Terrorist anyway? As for our "War on Terror" as the Iraq war is called what terror are we fighting? these so called terrorist we are fighting in Iraq when did they terrorize us the US of A? just some food for thought.

  10. Annabelle says

    What happened on the View with the split screen and the finger pointing was sad to watch, cannot imagine how Rosie felt, trapped, sad and betrayed. Elizabeth has never been my favorite but until then could tolerate her, now I feel she needs to go home or go to Fox. Barbara Walters if you are reading this "fire elizabeth" hire Whoopie and Kathy Griffen.

  11. Toni says

    It seemed to me that Elizbeth felt threatened from the day ROSIE showed up.
    I had to record my shows,and to VIEW at night, I never liked Star, tolerated Elizabeth, but now I dont like her either.
    Rosie brought somethinbg fresh to the show that was going stale.
    As long as Barbara and Joy stay I will be a constant VIEW er.

  12. Elizabeth says

    After all it is JUST a show.
    But "E H" has TO GO!
    I agree with Trump, she is the DUMBEST, immature, dim witt on t.v. next to Kelly R.
    Yeah Yeah, I should have better things to do.
    But after watching the departure of Rosie, I felt it is for my benefit to try to get EH fired.

  13. Maria says

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck is SO full of it – as usual. She DEFINITELY needs to be fired from the show.

  14. mary kubat says

    have never seen the point of Elizabeth Hasselbeck being on the veiw. She is a very undeveloped person, she reminds me of a young teanage girl. I think the Veiw should recruite someone with talent to take her place.
    I don’t think that would be very difficult. Please Barbara you can do much better than this vapid annoying childish person.
    I AGREE she has no depth , layers, or experience and you can hear her issues she has with her husband right through her arguments. I am her age and she does not speak for me at all. I am conserv but can listen to a smart liberal and understand their point because I have lived and have experience and can learn form someone who has as well.she is sooo young like a teen

  15. kate says

    I find Elizabeth Hasselback an annoying girl who has not a clue of what the real workd is about. Her disgraceful way of bashing Rosie and misconstruing what Rosie was saying is a mockery of what the View was orginally. She is stupid, self serving and a disgarce to journalism and true public debate. Her homophobic attitudes are disgusting and degrading. She dispalys intolerance and has her own political agenda; getting a job at Fox News when she is hopefully canned from the View! I do not paricualry like Rosie, am not gay or homophobic but do appreciate and can tolerate divergent points of view. Her prancing around on the set like a doll tells me she belongs at home. At least there she is only a danger to her husband. she is absoulutely pathetic! Barbara wake up! And btw I thought the split screen was pathetic. I no longer watch the View! Absolutley no class when they aired that

  16. Anonymous says

    I agree with all of you that can’t stand Elizabeth Hassellback! She is a spoiled, lieing republican puppet! She should go on the campaign trail with Sarah Palin and lick her ass the entire way! She is such a loud mouth, screeching voiced, DUMBASS!!!!

  17. Anonymous says

    Glitter Glasses what’s his face? Go light a bowl of incense? Rudely belittling Deepak Chopra? What the HELL? Come on ABC. It’s not even fun or funny. Get rid of this ignorant annoying bitch. Her apology on air today doesn’t make up for her motor mouth. Sure it’s America and we are all entitled to an opinion but being down right stupid is unacceptable. I really am done with the View for sure. I can’t stand even looking at that arrogant idiot and the bubble she lives in. I am sure that ABC can find an intelligent republican conservative to replace miss priss. Someone that can actually speak intelligently about a subject. I love the rest of the gals on the View and will miss them but I refuse to help the ratings until ABC gets rid of Elizabeth.

  18. Kathleen says

    Jeff, I could not have said it any better. Thank you–you took the words right outta my mouth!

  19. Pam says

    I agree Ashley. It was clear who was the instigator. Oh well, moving onto a site that gets the facts right….

  20. kat says

    could someone tell me when eh has said anything worth really worth hearing….the only body language I seen was shitabeth getting all foamy at the mouth going after rosie stuttering…whenI know that people that yell the loudest defend the most…rosie was only stating fact and eh was spewing what she is told to say…let f0x have her!

  21. Melissa says

    Both Rosie and Elizabeth are way to extreme for me. Rosie with her "consipracy" theories and government hating tirades should probably join a militia. Elizabeth with her unwavering loyalty to a party that is clearly in the wrong should probably join a cult or become a scientologist. We need people on this show that represent more of us – those that are somewhere in the middle.

  22. audrey says

    Ashley and Pam…good luck on your search for a blog that gets the facts straight. May you find the perfection you seek out there in cyber space.

  23. BONNIE says

    This is for Lina….

    Face it ELIZABETH IS A BIT*H, she has been from the beginning on Survivor and continued it on the View. You could tell Star didnt really like her either and now Rosie hates her as well. Maybe the solution is to get rid of that right wing republican uber-fake bit*h . Maybe Fox News can hire her…

  24. lina says

    I am sorry you were right I am a stupid republican Bit*h as well. I am going to think about what I said on my way to the Womens clinic for my abortion.