Paula Abdul Has Had No Surgery And Isn’t Drunk

Paula Abdul’s new interview with OK Magazine covers a plethora of personal topics. From plastic surgery (she denies having any by the way – *cough cough* nose job) to recovering from anorexia, Paula holds nothing back.
On her job as a judge on American Idol:

Being a judge on the show “overshadows being a Grammy Award winner and selling millions of records,” she says. “I didn’t figure out my purpose in life until ‘American Idol.’ I knew since I was a little girl that I had profound way of touching people. My purpose is bringing out everybody’s best and being that cheerleader to other people’s success.”

On the rumors that she is under the influence while filming:

Simon Cowell made a “funny accusation that something was in my Coca-Cola cup” that started all the rumors flying.”I’m sick of it,” she says. “It’s defamation of character.”

On NOT having plastic surgery:

“Check behind my ears! I haven’t had one ounce of work done, contrary to what every plastic surgeon may believe.”

On recovering from anorexia:

“I’m in a really good place, having had many years in recovery. I refuse to entertain something that will lead to the anorexic behavior that I used to have. I’m proud of who I am.”

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  1. ln says

    check behind the ears? there is no proof behind the ears for a nose and breast job…. oh well. i respect her for standing up for herself i suppose.