Beyonce’s Diva Behavior

During a meet and greet in Dublin, Beyonce’s teams set out some rules for her fans:

  • No Bags
  • No Kissing
  • No Questions
  • No Touching
  • No photos UNLESS YOU PAY
  • No presents (not even from children)

It sounded like so much fun right?! I am SO UPSET that I missed the warm encounter.

“It was supposed to be a bit of fun but I felt like I was under surveillance. It was like Beyonce was wrapped in cotton wool. There were lots of bodyguards watching and I wasn’t happy about leaving my handbag in the corridor.”

Do you think they are exaggerating? Or was this really how it was?




  1. Lala says

    I have had the honor of meeting B a few times and she was very sweet and humble. im not sure where these rumors circulate but it is a shame how people who have never met her with agree or continue to spread lies. Beyonce was nice and hugged all of us, took pics and signed 3 pics for my little cousins who were not even there!

  2. Doololo says


  3. Athena says

    And you sound ignorant yelling at people and saying "you people". Wow, comment section control freaks are annoying.

    Also, for me, I just relayed what someone who met her 1st person told me. We form opinions about people everyday with or without rumors!

  4. Juice says

    I believe it! i cant stand her….GO RIHANNA!!! hahah shes waaaaaay more talented! And she stole her man!!! haha

  5. says

    I was sitting by Beyonce at a Nets basketball game. I asked her if I could take a picture with her. She said sure! My friend took the pic, I thanked her and she smiled and said your welcome!" She was sooo nice about it!!

  6. Natalie says

    Beyonce is a fur hag. Anyone who wears fur knowing what animals killed for their coats go through is not a nice person. Wear your own damn skin Beyonce!!

  7. stoned says

    I agree, she is a dive……and something was wrong that night because if you go to it shows her arriving in Dublin at her Hotel and she is pissed…….Not the normal B we are use to seeing with the fake smile, and life is lovely attitudue. To all you people to said you met her that night and she was nice, that is incorrect that was fake

  8. says

    That is crazy…they might as well put her in one of those "clean rooms" that they do for people with no immune system/severe allergies. NO TOUCHING! NO GIFTS, EVEN FROM CHILDREN! Since we know all kids carry the ebola virus.

  9. big diva says

    i like some of her songs and videos…but i think that her hair is very tired. shes been rockin the same color weave since she atarted. she really needs to step that up. and whats going on woth jay and rhianna? he has more pics of her than beyonce on his photo gallary site on ckec it out people..holla bac

  10. soko says

    i love how people say dont form your opinions off rumors you hear of people.. well what else do we have to go by we dont know the person? saying someone is nice could just as much be a rumor as saying someons a nasty B*tch

  11. Mallory says

    I used to like Beyonce, but i agree that her ego has gotten bigger. She should accept questions and presents from fans. Pictures should also be free. I do believe that she has a great voice though. She just needs to get over herself.

  12. miss t says

    Beyonce is annoying and overexposed. i used to love her music until she came out with a trillion videos in one week. I think she really is a arrogant bitch.

  13. yummi says

    yall beleive anything. most things on gossip sites is far from true. think of all the things that have had to come back and be reversed as not true, or as not the whole story. like the whole anna enrique thing. then think of how no one knows the whole back story bout what bee may have expereince in the past and how she doenst give a care enough to be explainin to the world all the rumors wheter true or falso. cool it ppl!

  14. sweet ta says

    (B) you are my girl but i cant tuch you what kind of sh*t is that. so now what am i suppose to think of?

  15. says

    ihateit whe people say bad thingsabout her and nevermet her. How did rihanna come into this it is obvious that youall are jealous and have empty bank account and lazy boyfriends
    who cheats on them with their sisters.

  16. mike d. says

    dunt talk bout my wife like dat ivan u dick suckin shit hole……and i met her last week and she put her arms around me and took a picture with me so did her sis solange who was wit her shopping in london so haterz fall the fuck bac and sit on it and rotate bitches…….Beyonce is beautiful inside and out and i wish her all the best….

    Mike d.

  17. says

    None of us should judge her. If we were celebrities, we would probably be doing the same things. Everyone has there bitchy days and there good days. No one is exempt. Not even celebrities.

  18. Jojo says

    It really dont matter what we say here unfortunately some people are so star stuck they will buy into this bullshit. Beyonce is talanted yeah but so are so many other people. I personally think Ms Kelly Rowland runs circles around her but Im sure that Beyonce doesnt care because the bitch is paid and she dont have worry about her cash flow that is what it all boils down to the dollar bill and if we keep supporting her and her lifestyle she will become richer. Thats why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.

    Beyonce remember this when u die God dont care about how many albums u sold or how many cars u drive or how u take advantage of poor folks by creating over priced and ugly clothes the only thing that will matter is how u treated people and if u treat your fans that way your blessing will fall short when it really matters

  19. CapturingLife says

    I would believe it. You never hear any stories about how nice and friendly she is. And she just has that look of "stay away". Definitely never understood the fuss over her. There are tons of other women far more talented and entertaining.

  20. gary says

    R u serious, uve never heard stories of beyonce beiong nice. ur full of shit, have u ever heard of any stars visiting ppl who were injured at her concert in the hospital. No1 would do that, shes so humble, and reali nice, recently i met chris brown, these are the general rules 4 meet and greets, and your reli exaggerating obviously. She is so down to earth and if you did your research before talking shite you would no that.

  21. ana says

    imagine if judicial system worked like gossip: a village woman gets accused of being a witch by, say, her neighbour and on that testimony ALONE, she gets burned. oh wait, that did happen already! except it was some centuries ago. why is everyone allowed to say what they will about someone and its automtically the truth? seriously get over urself.

  22. says

    You know I dont blame her…think about how many people want to touch, kiss, give presents to beyonce? That MUST get really really tired. Would you want all kinds of random people touching and kissing you on a daily basis? You have to set boundaries when you are in that kind of position, we are not talking about some isolated situation of fans wanting access…this is EVERY DAY…EVERY PLACE SHE GOES.

    check me at –

  23. Gina DiFara says

    LOOK. She’s in this business, and like we go and bother to buy her albums and whatever, she must bother to respect her fans too. Don’t go pitying her. What about the fan who’s waiting in line in the cold or whatever 6 hours before the show. Beyonce must take a lesson or two from Lady Gaga. She respects fans and gives them hugs and she does two damn shows a day! Talk bout exhaustion. It’s Beyonce’s JOB. She wanted the fame, the fortune. There are consequences. And if she doesn’t like or appreciate her fans, who make her who she is, then I’m afraid she is an exceedingly unappreciative, self-centered person. Then the fans should boycott her too; what are they slaves? They should be respected for supporting her in every step of the way.

  24. says

    She an Jay z were at the restaurant as myself and a group of about 20 people. Jay went around shaking hands smiling, getting his picture taken. We asked asked her for a photo and she she gave us a nasty look and said no. OK I get it. She has a right. But then she took photos with only the black people in the restaurant and shot us alook. i got a photo anyway !

  25. emate says

    then what COULD you do in those kind of meet and greet then ??

    No questions? come on ! how do you chat with anybody (famous or not) without questions !

  26. yes says

    they actin like she the president, she must be gettin death threats or sumthin, fuck all that!

  27. beyonce.........hmmm? says

    Its really too bad if she becomes really difficult – i guess having more money than they know what to do with, does this to celebrities. She better watch herself, Rhianna will come along and take her limelight and her man then all that will be left, is an oversized black barbie.

  28. rois says

    no its not true she startd lafn wen ppl told her wat the rules were and said it was ridiculous to ignore them

  29. tiffany says

    I think that is a load of bullshit,,,,, first of all thats not even beyonces charater she is kind and gentle … she has one of the best personalitys in the industry she is so humble and she also loves childern its a shame that you all have nothing else to do but sit and talk shit about beyonce ,,, but you know one thing why you guys are hating on her she is still selling out concerts so let her upgrade ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. ooooo says

    i met her in Dublin and she gave me a hug and took a pic with me and signed things and even kissed my cheek she was the sweetest person ever the body guard was pulling her and she was like hold on to him and she stopped and was SOOO NICE and i also met her wen i went to that meet and greet and she hugged me and ppl did give her presents and i asked her Qs and she answered so i dont no y it says thoses rules coz there not true only one tht is true is no pics…the photographer takes a pic of u and B…so dont be sayin its the Dirrty Dublin fans coz she prefers us to you losers….

  31. Anonymous says

    What a load of rubbish. People like to believe anything they read. I have met her and she was very welcoming. As for no touching, that simply isnt true. She took my hand and I had my arm around her for a photo. Also the next person to meet her presented her with a gift.

  32. Anonymous says

    she is a big ass diva and not in a good way like tina turner. it’s to the point where i’m like “stop popping up everywhere like a jack-in-the-box!”

  33. soneck says


  34. says

    Well, to be honest, I don’t think this is entirely true.
    bag part – Security
    Kissing – Well I wouldn’t want to be kissed by strangers
    Photos – You pay to get them done, i’m sure there’s something they negotiate
    Presents – she’s admitted she gets them in meet and greets.

    I think these were just general rules.
    They have to have them for security reasons, anyone can carry a knife in.
    I’m sure you can go in, say hi, how you love her (bless her) then maybe hug her for a picture that’s it.
    I can imagine people going and screaming and crying, but i’m sure depending on the people you’ll get something.
    She’s humble just watch some stuff. I doubt she had a barrier around her with a bad face and only “smiled for the camera.”

    I can imagine people going in there screaming crying wanting to hug her cos they jsut get possesed when they see an idol.
    if you go in, calm and relaxed, and just act as if shes normal, she’ll give you the same respect back!

  35. Ella153467 says

    I met Beyonce in Manchester on the 7th of June 2007 on her ‘The Beyonce Experience Tour’ We won the opportunity through a local radio station.
    There were many rules and regulations stopping your from taking personal photographs from your own cameras and bags had to be left in a separate room. She also wasn’t allowed to sign anything nor were you allowed to bring anything to her as a gift.
    She was truly lovely though when we did meet her, she was so genuine, she asked us how we were and conversed with us, not a diva at all.
    She looked amazing! One of the best days of my life!
    Only problem was when the private photographer took our picture, we were given a link to a website and the man from the label associated with the radio competition lost the slip of paper and we were unable to claim our photographs so many do not believe us. We do still have the heart shaped meet and greet sticker though which is cool!