Rihanna’s Childhood Struggles

What an interview! Rihanna confessed to watching her father struggle with a crack addiction as a young child. Thankfully, he quit that horrible habit for the sake of his family. Now, her life has made a turn for the better and has future plans of beginning a swimsuit or clothing line. Either way, this girl has a huge future ahead of her.
On her family:

“I knew that my mom and dad would argue when there was foil paper with an ashtray. He would just go into the bathroom all the time. I didn’t know what it was. But he knew that to get closer to his kids he had to cut that out. And he did.
“My mom raised me to be a child and know my place but also to think like a woman. She never held back from me in terms of being too young to know certain things, so I am very mature for my age. In this business you have to work with the things that get thrown your way – ” the good, the bad and the ugly. “My family keeps my feet on the ground so I don’t get too ahead of myself.”

On her life philosophy:

“Believe in yourself. A dream is but a dream. But if you want it to come true you really have to fight and pursue. I had no intention of being an entertainer only in Barbados. I always looked to the big picture. I pursued my dream and it came true.”

On her passion to sing:

“Growing up, I always sang. But no one was pushing me to do it. It was something that I wanted to do. So I developed a passion for it, fell in love with music and developed my own style.”/p>

On future plans:

“I would like to probably start some companies like a make-up company, a clothing line or maybe a swimsuit line.”




  1. ill nana says

    Everyone need a change like Obama says in get a life Rihanna is not worrying about anyone’s negativity. Drop dead Motherfuckersss

  2. SEXY says

    I had a vibe 4 Rihanna since shes been out her career is rising 2 @LL yall haters get a life dnt hate appreciated

  3. future celebrity says

    no offence but rihanna doesnt have that good a voice. she has her own style but her voice is not powerful enough. if she didnt look the way she does with green eyes, light skin and a slim body do you really think shed be anywhere? i mean, there are lots of people out there that r much better than her but there probably not as good looking as her. i dont have anything against her but it just has 2 b said because its the truth. and beyonce is way better than rihanna, she has everything rihanna has plus a more powerful voice and she performs better. no offence but rihanna is rubbish live. lets face it, the only reason people like rihanna is because her music is catchy and she has a unique style.

    • mzzjailbird madupempress aleya says

      i agree with u i’ve heard her sing live on BET n it was horrible i like her but she also has a nasty attitude n her soul is gone love her old songs but the new ones she pushes 2 many negative vibes….she is capturing souls n if ur not smart enough n check urself twice she’ll take urs jus so dat she cud keep rising.

  4. Jakealia J. New Orleans Chick (9th Wad0 says

    ii luv Beyonce.. An ii admire hea..!! She much betta den Rihanna.. ii’ve alwais liked Beyonce. But ii think Ciara can dance betta den any female and Beyonce can sing betta.. But Rihanna she aint no gud dancer an she realli cant sing 2me..

  5. GUTTA CHICK says

    N-E-Wayz would yall stop arguing ova who look betta out of rihanna and beyonce it really dnt matta who look betta out of nan 1 of em az long az dey knw dey pretty and got a man or got a man comming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N-E-Wayz we need to be worried bout why chris brown a.k.a the women beater hit rihanna 4?????? do any body knw cuz all i knw iz dat rihanna child called the police on chris brown a.k.a the women beater cuz diz wuz going on 4 months before the police wuz called!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she juzt didnt want to say nun bout it but when her child saw it he must have dialed 911 so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she didnt tell cuz she got to many feelingz for chris brown a.k.a the women beater!!!!!!!!!!!!so many people dun tried to tell rihanna to dnt have dat many feelingz for him cuz when it comez down to chris brown a.k.a beating the crap out dat gurl she aint gone wanna tell SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then one day when she find anotha huzband and somebody tell her AZZ dnt have dat many feelingz 4 him she aint cuz she gon say im not gonna have dat many feelingz for him becuz when it comez down for him to beating me oooooooooooo i ant gone wanna tell shit but if ididnt tell my child wuz gone tell reguardlezz if i tell my child still gone tell cuz my child luvz me to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jamaica says

    rihanna i know you are smart,we iland women do not take beat down from any bloodcloth man,handle your buisiness you are doing great girl,respect due all the fucking time……..

  7. Anonymous says

    Rihanna is sooo much better than Beyonce. I bet u ppl only know Beyonce becuz of her song “singl ladies” . Everyone i know listens to Rihanna too. She is very talented and I think more people listen to her than Beyonce

    we love Rihanna!!! <3 <3 <3 rock on!

  8. Sarah Kitsull says

    Rihanna is such a star and a fantastic role model she didnt deserve what she got from Chris Brown and i dont know why he did it but he made Rihanna look a mess.

  9. ali davis says

    look yall all need to stop ragin on rihanna:)
    so wateva and leave her alone:)
    it not her fault she can get chris brown and u cant:)

  10. Larel says

    Well know that chris brown has done that horrible beating to her she has now learnt that you can’t trust everyone you think and that goes to all girls out there.

    Rihanna a troublesom childhood but she got through it and fought for what she belived in.

    So all you people that don’t believe you can do something, stop being stupid you can do something if you try


  11. robyn rihanna fenty says

    hey everyone. let me tell you something. those of you who are being really rude,you don’t even know whats been goin on! You were not there were you. so just talk what you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous says

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  13. Anonymous says

    plz stop. rihanna n beyonce r boyth equally good n both r really pretty so there is no reason to fight. n if u like one of them over another dusn mean everybody else will. we hv a right to judge too. its a free country so boo ya!!!!!

  14. Anonymous says

    rihanna is doing something great with her life and we are caribbean sisters im from guyana

  15. says

    i love u rihanna 4 who u r .and i love ur song n what they say. they say very trueful thing. but dont 4get u dont care if people judge u

  16. Jamie says

    Its the truth and passion that is represented through her style and her story that is the talenting factor, not the narrow subjective thoughts usually used to scruitinize in decision making, so really look a little deeper before putting negative connotations on what rihanna has acheived, its not a simple replication of techniques, rihanna is where she is because she had the heart to do so, and that is the biggest feat in life.

  17. says

    please just shut up posting bad comments about Rhianna and by the way why come on the Rhianna biography piece of writing if you don’t even like Rhianna so that’s a sign of pure nasty jealously and makes you a aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Rhianna’s a kind pretty person who can sing so if you don’t like it keep it to your self

  18. Towanda says

    Rihanna is the best, no matter what people say, jealousy makes you nasty and fat yes that’s right, so carry on being jealous of Rihanna, you’ll see the results, the fact is she’s beautiful, out there and doing what she does best, being her self and doing what she’s loves and getting paid for it, she’s living her dream and what are you’ll doing ” living Jealousy of Rihanna dream” really now……………….RIHANNA YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. says

    i think it is crap that she says stuff about jayz just to try to make b jealous, like he picks her boyfriends or something.. she does that on purpose..

  20. SuGaR bAbY says

    Just Leave Rihanna alone she’s already with Chris Brown so just stop talking all this crap about Rihanna. Just give it a rest just cuz your not as good looking as Rihanna you dont have to be jealous.

  21. BOSS says

    rihanna aint got nothing on beyonce. beyonce is obviously the more talented one. better performer, better body, better fan base, just better in general. rihannas a hoe floater.

  22. Sugar says

    Beyonce isn”t better than Rihanna. It doesnt matter if Beyonce has been i the music singing longer it just makes her have more experience. Rihanna will get better and better and she just might get better than Beyonce. I think their just the same and no one is better than anyone. And talking about their body and all that kind of stuff it isn’t true their both skinny and their both beautiful and their both great singers. So just quit with all this stuff with Beyonce and Rihanna. Just to let you know everyone has feelings especially singers.

    So Quit talking stuff about them.

  23. Anonymous says

    u dont got no talk fuh my girl Rihanna. Rihanna sexy and most ppl already adopting her style. She’s a star she dont got no time for no low class ppl like you

  24. justice says

    rihanna dont have anything on beyonce because she is only 19 and beyonce is 25 going on 26 in 3 months and has been in it for 10 or 11 years now so give her a chance she is going to get better and better but she is holding her own say what you will and beyonce is to grow for you people to take up for her she needs to check her own man rihanna dont have a girlfriend by jayz does!!!

  25. Anonymous says

    say what???
    what is going on here?
    i dont understand this?
    does anyone know if she had a pet rat?

  26. Anna :) says

    I love rihanna and her song take a bow she is so beutiful and she is an amazing singer. and i think that you can’t say if Beyoncé or Rihanna is the best, i like them both, they two different persons and Rihanna is my favoruite and if you don’t lika her Shut up and drive. (away) xD