Larry Birkhead To Marry

Dannielynn might be getting a new mommy sooner than we all expected. According to the National Enquirer, Larry Birkhead is planning to marry current girlfriend, Dana Lynn.Dana has accompanied Larry to several of his court cases. But has kept a low profile and out of the news. The two are life long friends having met in grade school.

She’s a beautiful, brainy blonde who could become the new mom to Anna Nicole Smith’s baby daughter Dannielynn. Science teacher Dana Lynn Walker is the secret girlfriend of Larry Birkhead- and friends believe they are planning to marry, the ENQUIRER had learned exclusively. The couple celebrated Father’s Day together at Anna Nicole’s former home in Los Angeles- while Dana took her first gentle steps to getting to know 9-month-old Dannielynn. “Dana and Larry are in love- and she would love to become mommy to Dannielynn and help raise her,” a source told The ENQUIERE. “It’s the best thing that could happen to Dannielynn. Dana is very down to earth and loves kids- and that’s a big plus as far as Larry is concerned.”

In other Anna Nicole Smith news, Larry has been officially named Dannielynn’s guardian while Howard K. Stern has been named executor of her will.




  1. LN says

    JoeyOh and kathleen? i dont understand where people are getting the idea he is gay?? just cause some random dude came out and said they were dating or whatever, doesnt mean they are. its called "wanting their 15 mins" i think you two are reading too much trashy gossip

  2. kellie says

    The baby was originally named "Hannah". But after Daniel died, Anna Nicole changed it to "Dannielynn" to honor her dead son.

  3. meggie says

    the shool friend i saw him with is a married woman and her name is jeana, she is also a friend of the sisters

  4. Seattle Girl says

    She is a cute baby. I like her too. How can you not like a baby!?

    Anyhow, I hope she never reads this stuff when she grows up. How sad would you be if you read up on how people hated you and your parents? Very sad :(