How Long Did You Wait Before You Took Your Child Out?

Keri Russell was photographed running some errands with her baby boy, River. She gave birth to him on the 9th Monday. That makes him less than a about 2 weeks old. When did you first take your child out to run an errand? I don’t mean to your parents house or to the doctor. I mean to run an errand or to go and get a cup of coffee.
I know I was a little nutty with my first born. I think I waited about 8-10 weeks before I took her to the mall. This time around I am going to get outside MUCH earlier with my son. But I don’t know about 5 days. Am I just one of those nervous moms? Click on the thumbnails below to see more.




  1. Kim says

    I have two children and as newborns both were out by a week or so. Going for short walks was very helpful for my recovery (two c-sections).

  2. momof5 says

    I have 5 kids ages ranging from 16 months to 13 years old and I took all of them out and about from the day we left the hospital! All of my kids are healthy and the rare times they have been sick they got it from school not from being out with me in public! Staying home for 2 weeks or more? I would be crazy!

  3. Christina says

    I was a nervous nelly too. I was told two weeks so I did two weeks BUT I also had ZERO desire to go out… I had stitches from tearing, I was uncomfortable, I still felt HUGE, and my boobs leaked like I was faucet running on high. Generally it was better for me to stay home but I can understand some people need to get out. We are all different!

  4. leslie m says

    i was really nutty with my first baby and didnt take him out for 2 months i was so scared to drive him around in a car i was nervouse but with my second we were oput at 2 weeks

  5. JoJo says

    I took my daughter out when she was one week old, but it was only because I HAD to get away from my in-laws… 😉

  6. madge78 says

    This must be an american thing. In england there is no such debate about when is the safest time to take your baby out. It all sounds quite ridiculous to me to keep your baby stuck inside a stuffy house for weeks on end and not have any one touch your babies. This is taking overprotection to the extreme surely! Immune systems develop by being introduced to germs adn bacterian not shielded from them. Granted, I am not saying that you should throw them in a waiting room with flu infested people but let them experiance out doors life. It is said over here by health care proffesionals that the whole sanatizing every thing a baby may touch is in fact comprimising their immune systems and creating sickly babies because when they do come in contact with a germ or bug that you or I can fight without blinking, thier bodies have no defense to fight it. With my two, they were out shopping the day I got home from hospital with in four days of birth and both were c-sections. I am laid back and think that the minute your back is turned they will be eating mud anyway so why sweat a bit of dirt!

  7. G says

    Exposing babies to the world early strengthens their immune system. I took my son out to Target when he was less than a week old *and* I breastfed him while I shopped. I heart baby carriers!

  8. Allison says

    I think I took my daughter out for the first time by myself (alone) when she was about 3 weeks old. But I did attend my mother in laws 60th birthday party when Grace was just 11days old. It was a luncheon during the day so wasnt too bad but I lost count of how many people kissed and cuddled her!

  9. bflogurl says

    I, too, was kooky with our first borns (twins), but honestly there is nothing wrong with running errands with a new baby. He is all cozy in his little cocoon and away from strangers hands/germs, etc.

    With our 4th, I had to stop at Target to get gifts for the other kids (from their new baby brother) on the way home from the hospital. He was all of 3 days old LOL!!

  10. KateS says

    I will admit, I took my first out when he was a week old. BUT, I lived in PA and we went to the QVC studio to their store, and its a very large, quiet, not crowded place in the middle of summer. not sure how long I waited to go out with #2. Its was winter so I am sure it was much longer.

  11. says

    Not only was the girl up and out at four days past delivery, looks like she was doing LAUNDRY! Go Keri!

    And ditto, baby was well protected and warm in that sling.

    I was stir-crazy at the four day mark, and I was still in the hospital with my twins. I would have loved to escape and run some errands with them tucked in a nice baby sling.

  12. alayna says

    Forget 8-10 weeks! Our little guy was out before his first month. We were way excited to show him off. But we were careful not to have him out for extended periods of time.

  13. amybooters says

    I waited with both babies until they were at least 4 weeks old.

    But I thought Keri delivered on June 9th. According to People?

    Love the website, Vera!

  14. Karen says

    Within the first few days. Less than a week. AND I had csections with both. My son was born the 25th of October and I had to go trick or treating with my older child. So I leaned on the stroller and we walked around the neighborhood.

    With my daughter we walked around the outdoor mall at 4 days. I completely believe it helped me heal so much faster not sitting at home. Plus as long as NO ONE touches the baby they are fine :)