Britney Spears To File Restraining Order Against… HER MOTHER!

WHAT? X17 is reporting exclusively that Britney Spears is about to file a restraining order against her mother. She doesn’t want Lynne anywhere near her two boys. X17’s source is claiming that it’s because Lynne is abusing perscription drugs and Britney doesn’t want her near her children while under the influence. I could say something mean here referencing a mirror. But I am going to keep it to myself.

Our source tells us that the paperwork is completed and that Britney is claiming her mother is abusing prescription pain medication and that she should be kept away from Sean and Jayden. The papers are supposed to be filed today or tomorrow.

Either way, no rep confirmation yet.Click on the thumbnails below to see more pictures of Britney shopping at the Gap.




  1. yea im from dc wuts up??! says

    woooow who cares if they sag, and who cares if that dress isnt as flattering as ppl want it to be. yea she does need a bra like shit but ppl r missin the main concern she has a restraining order on her mother!

    o and theres more important things out here like i dont know…AIDS!!! VIOLENCE….THE HOMELESS

  2. I Rule 69 says

    G is a douche bag, that bitch is coked up now. Britney is a loser and no one cares about her and any "career" she may be trying to revamp

  3. Kathleen says

    This is just further proof that Britney has gone INSANE–either with or without the drugs & alcohol–Britney has obviously LOST TOUCH with reality :( Very sad!

  4. suki says

    G should be banned from this site.
    G, there is something seriously wrong with you.
    There is no excuse for your vile diatribe and horrible language towards Vera.
    Vera, PLEASE ban this poster.

  5. R R says

    Leave the girl alone. Yeah, her tits are sagging, so what. Bras are a modern convention anyway. If the current style included saggy tits you all would be putting ace bandages around yours….You damn herd.

  6. Polly says

    lmao g you are funny lol
    i AGREE WITH YOU TOO on the fact that everybody will be talking about these same lil celeb babies when they become adults

  7. nick says

    so what if im gay polly and G i can please you like no other why are you being so mean to me? i need a tissue

  8. jill says

    nick and g are both dumb fucks. wasting time fighting back and forth over a picture of brit?? g get a job and nick you do sound a bit gay hon.

  9. suki says

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  10. nick says

    Jill—sounds like you have issues—dumbass…

    If you read my previous posts about Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Catharine Zeta Jones—you would know I am FAR from gay—too busy loving women—Nothing against gays–but I would never look at a hairy ass to find love.

    Done with these games.

  11. jill says

    sorry nick—i am a big britney fan and will defend her on every site i visit—i have issues for sure—its just one of those days when i am out of batteries—if you know what i mean

  12. says


    U have NO fucking right 2 come onto this website and start saying shit to vera!

    i hope they send you 20 million viruses you fucker!!!

    BTW, go f*&ck yourself!

  13. jess says

    She really needs to wear a bra!and a lift! She is starting to look like a woman out of national geographic.

  14. ln says

    I know right….??? If she has such a problem wearing a bra, PLEASE get a lift! It would save us all the agony.

  15. G says

    Ladies, like you ALL got perfect perky tits, RIGHT! NOT a brit fan but pleasssse! if it hasnt already happened it WILL and most of you dont even have the cash to fix it! atleast this rich bitch can change them when she gets ready. you sad sad women are soo funny. hide behind your pc with ALL your own flaws and make comments about other peoples flaws. and another thing EVERYTIME you see a celebs baby you coo and caa about how CUTE they are, no matter what the REAL case may be, and in the future when they are all grown up you WILL be bitching about this and that being WRONG with them! "ohhhhh did you see what she wore?" "ohhhh look at at her flabby ass!" "geez did you see his nose?" "OMG he looks nothing like his handsome father did" You are All VERY SAD!!!
    Spend more time cooking home cooked meals for your children and husbands/boyfriends (if you have anyone at all in your lives) spend time fixing up your own looks, put your make up on, do your stubby nails, soak your dry feet, brush your stained teeth, wash and comb your hair, maybe even curl it, put something on besides your moo moos and sweats, and dont forget to olay those crow feet at bedtime!!!!

  16. Down To Earth says

    This is a old pic, I can not blame Britney for this, her mom teamed up with Kevin when she said Britney was abusing and made her go to rehab. Maybe Britney told her the same thing and since she is not getting help then she is not going to see her grandchildren. Look at things from another side of the story.

  17. cupcakes says

    Uggh gross, put a bra on. Only a-cup girls can get away with that.

    Regardless of whatever she is a bitch to get a restraining order on her own mom

  18. says

    Brittany is under alot of stress and she is juggling a lot of things right now like being young mother but girl dont be putting straining orders out on ur mother i mean seriosly