Seriously… Where Is Keri Russell’s Belly?

Where the heck is all of Keri Russell’s post-pregnancy weight? I didn’t realize it was POSSIBLE to bounce back so quickly! She just looks amazing. It took me a very long time to normalize. I am talking about nearly a year to shed ALL the weight. Those last five pounds were KILLER!! How long did it take you to lose your pregnancy weight?
Here she is on the beach boardwalk with her most prized possession. Click on the thumbnails below to see more.




  1. melly b says

    P.S. I gained a good 40 pounds each time and the first time was really tough to lose it, the second time it flew off my body, the third time it was hard, and the fourth time was the hardest to get back to normal!

  2. CJ says

    At age 25 with my first it took me about a week to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. I lost all but 6 pounds just in the hospital.
    At age 33 and 35 w/ #2 and #3, 12-15 months to get back to "normal" (well…butt and hips will never be quite the same…)

  3. Melissa says

    3.5 years later and i am still trying to lose some. I gained almost 60lbs in my pregnancy and have 35 left to lose!

  4. Rebekah says

    I totally gained almost 90 lbs at pregnancy -from about 140 to 230 at time of delivery. 1st baby, 8 lbs 6 oz… came out of the hospital just breaking the double deuce… now 19 months later weight 155 but more muscle to me now so actually only slightly bigger than I was before baby.

  5. osulolli says

    Back to pre-pregnancy size 8 days afterwards and actually have had problems keeping weight on!

  6. anna says

    these people irk me..i looked huge for a few months…maybe it was b/c i was STARVING while nursing…its all gone but damn it was hard to get off. (but soooooo worth it! ;o)

  7. says

    Going on two years (26 months to be exact…) Ten more pounds give or take some here and there (especially after ice cream binges!)

  8. Mary says

    well i just had identical twin boys 8 weeks ago gain 50lbs and only have about 13lbs to lose

  9. Heather says

    I was so busy I never had time to eat…I lost 20 of the 40 that i gained in about 2-3 weeks and i didnt breast feed…I think it took about 4 months to take it all off, but it wasnt until I started running that I felt and looked good.

  10. sharla says

    I thought the same thing when I saw these pictures. I lost 30 lbs within the 1st week or so with my first but um…I had gained 60!!!! Ha ha So I guess it just depends on how much weight you gain huh?

  11. Elaine says

    I am one of the ones who snapped right back to my pre pregnancy weight within a couple of weeks, with both my children. 5 months after having my second child I am now about 7lbs lighter than before I got pregnant. I put it down to breast feeding. I was told it was a lot harder to lose after a second baby, but if anything it was even quicker this time! It will all go back on after I stop feeding though…