Clogs And Cruise?

Tom Cruise was photographed being a great sport while he promoting his latest movie, Lions for Lambs. He signed autographs and posed for pictures at the Cinema Expo International.

Simultaneously: 1) a Senator on Capital Hill debates a current crisis in Afghanistan, with the Reporter who made his career … 2) a Professor teaching Political Science tries his best to convince a good student not to give up his studies, using two former students who passionately enlisted in the Army as an example … 3) both of which (coincidentally) are currently under fire in Afghanistan — the very same crisis the Senator and Reporter are debating over.

Katie Holmes, on the other hand, had a meeting with her agency, CAA. She showed up looking sleek and SLIM sporting a wet hairdo. She most certainly lost all of her baby weight and THEN SOME. Click on the thumbnails below to see more.




  1. mella says

    Victoria Beckham does not dress like that. Katie is dressing like a old woman. She went from 25 to 45 overnight.

  2. Ericca says

    She looks like very thin but more importantly, unhappy. Maybe she is just annoyed with the paparazzi. Perhaps we are focusing on something that needs no attention.

  3. sandman says

    uh holland, its a pregnant 16 yr old with a gun & the beers in the pickup, legal or not.

    how do you walk in those clogs anyway?

  4. Holland says

    I usually wear them while taking long walks through the countless of tulipfields and their actually suprisingly comfortable. But that just might be the effects of the massive amounts of drugs im using.

  5. GirlGlobal says

    I agree – lost too much weight and she trying too hard to emulate VB – which is really gross.

  6. sunny says

    that is not "fit"!! that is undernourished!!!!!!!!!

    where does your idea of "fit" come from??

  7. Miss M says

    She looks good, I like her clothes and her hair style actually. But she looks better dressed than undressed.