Kimberly Locke Is The New Face For Jenny Craig

These ex-American Idol kids won’t just ride into the sunset will they? Kimberly Locke has been keeping busy. Besides putting out music, she just wrapped up Celebrity Fit Club. Now she just signed up with Jenny Craig. She already lost 30 pounds and plans to lose another 10 before she begins work for the weight loss company.
My father tried Jenny Craig and was successful. My husband lost 30 pounds on NutriSystem. I am a huge Weight Watchers fan. Which plan have you used? Were you successful? Since I have already gained 40 pounds with this pregnancy, I am sure I am going to have to jump on one of these in order to get back to my pre-pregnancy size.




  1. kris says

    Buy the atkins essentials!!! I bought that book and lost 75 pounds in six months and never "dieted" and was not hungry and ate good food. If you do it you will lose 15 pounds the first month and I was pre-diabetic and now im not. trust me try it for two weeks the american medical assoc. did a study earlier this year and found atkins to be the most effective weight loss diet.

  2. OHLALA says

    Im sorry but I dont believe in paying ANYONE to lose weight because i certainly didnt have to pay anyone to gain it! Ive tried everything and what works best for me……diet and excersise!! Just by doing that im down 40lbs with 15 more to go until I hit my goal!!

  3. KateS says

    I agree with the pp #4. I am not going to pay anyone to help me lose weight. A diet of 1600-1800 calories and exercise is what you need. Save your money and go to the gym.

  4. yeah says

    I have been with for over 2 years. I have lost over 30 pounds. They offer great online food plans, support boards. Check it out!!

  5. BPERLADY says

    Some people just need the support. I just started WW, and it was cool going and talking to someone about their experience. Weight loss is different for everyone. So, I am proud of all of the people who are taking that step.