Love It Or Hate It: Orlando Bloom’s Stash

I am a big sleek and smooth kinda gal when it comes to men’s facial hair. What do you think about Orlando Bloom’s mustache? He was photographed leaving the Duke of York Theatre after appearing in David Storey’s 1969 Play Celebration. Click on the thumbnails below to see more.

I guess it could be worse…




  1. cancandoll says

    he looks like jeremy spencer from the original fleetwood mac band when he was younger,

  2. says


    ** ali7 said:
    I think the mustache is for the play he’s doing.**

    yeah it is he told it in an interview but i dont remember which one..

    anyways go to you tube and type " Orlando Bloom on Graham Norton "

    its the best interviews he maked [ orly ]! ever!

    well i wish hell shave and get his heartthrob satue back for me..


  3. says

    lol, that guy w/ the white curly beard is funnie!
    i think orlando bloom loooks hot whether or not he has a mustache or not.
    its what inside that counts.
    not always outside appearance that matters.