Wentworth Miller Wants A Wife And Kids – Any Takers?

As long as you are patient, Wentworth Miller is promising to get serious about settling down with the right lady friend and having children once Prison Break wraps.

“A wife and kids is definitely something I’m looking forward to experiencing in the very near future. But she’ll probably have to wait until the show finishes.”




  1. Abii says

    I LOVE WENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Martina says

    OMG! hes so not gay! rumors are rumors and he gave a statement saying he wasnt gay but if the fans wanna think that then whatever as long as they watch the show. hes sooooo not gay

  3. says

    i like wenthworth miller.he s a dream come true.he s the simple shy man i d like to meet one day.i dnt think he s gay but even if he is i ll respect his desition and would still like him.u r d best miller.xxxxx

  4. hb-cool says

    well i think he’s very serious in that so get ready girls ……………………..wooooooooooooooooooow

  5. Caaro says

    I’ll wait for ever! . i’ll be ther when he wants ^^ xD. Im from Chile.. just! look at me! .. far away from him and… here i am! ..loving wentworth

  6. Louise says

    Hey, Oh my god i think your the hottest guy i have ever seen. Your bloody gorgeous 😉 Anyway see you. x x

  7. rebecca says

    ohh my gosh,,i loove him..i would totally marry him in a heartbeat..unfortunatey,im only a teenager,

    i looove prison break too.,,plus,

    he is soo hot…
    woah if he can read these..wow.,,but um


    i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!! :]

    love ,Becca

  8. miss miller says

    oh man i`m waiting……………………..
    she is luck girl
    i love wentworth miller so much by the way my name in class miss miller

  9. rhyann says

    OMG Wentworth i am ur biggest fan in 16 and im in love with u……… OMG i would give anything to be with you… I LOVE YOU!!!!

    Rhyann Marie

  10. Joy Joy says

    I would do anything in the world to be that woman that gets to settle down and have his kids. He is absolutely beautiful and seems like such an actual gentleman. I had a dream about Went last night (and Dominic Purcell aka Linc) and I was extremely disappointed when I woke up :(

  11. Future: Taylor Paige Miller says

    Dear Wentworth:

    I’m only 9 years old, but I know already that I would love to meet you! I watched Prison Break Season 4 with my parents last year.

    For Christmas, I asked for the older Prison Break DVDs. I have watched them a little bit every day, and finished them on 1/15. I think you are AWESOME! And even though the rest of the show seems a little “inappropriate”, I think you are a good role model.

    I’m a little young now, but I want to marry you one day . . . after I’m done with college. Hopefully, you won’t find the right girl by then – I think I’m the right girl!


    P.S. Even if you don’t wait for me, I hope your dreams come true and you have a beautiful baby one day.

  12. chloe says

    OMG hey im onli 16 but i dnt care i wud marry u straught away. oo your so hot n your eyes look reli mean in prison break but hey love it… i will wait a thousand years to marry you but i guess there a HUGE line for it
    I CALL SHOTGUN heehee
    LOVE YOU Wentworth

  13. Deedeee says

    How about that, alwayz was on the defensive when they told me u was gay..i knew they was jus hatin’ coz people strangely get satisfaction from talkin ill bout others..enough of that, hope you find the right woman for your wife, one who can be as great as my mother is in raising us.i’d totally come after you and believe you me i can be able to only i’m all the way in Kenya, Africa and i’m only 19 but all the best..we can be bestfriends thts me, you Sarah(love her gut..u know, hangin out with the boyz in tht warehouse like tht)and all your trillions of friendz.Cheerz!

  14. debby bersen says

    Im single and youre the man of my dreams you are verry handsome and i love children im 28 yrs old and i hope you pick me as youre bride

  15. Jaylone* says

    Dear wentwoth miller i love u and i wont kids and to be marred with u i am a patient girl and i have bin whiting for a boy like u i will go any were for u do any thing u ca find me on facebook or emal me an yahoo. <3 i love u

  16. mbg says

    God has blessed him with beauty and he seems cool. If he is beautiful inside as he is outside, we can say he is one in the million. Hotness is worked for but beauty is given by God. :)

  17. annamarie says

    Lol at you lot… !!! None of ya stand a chance! This is how old.. he Probs has a nice gf by now!

    I doubt he’s gay and if he was then that doesn’t mmatter as long as he is happy!!!

    He is a utter stunner.. but u all need to grow up a bit 😀

    Lots love to u Wentworth <3

  18. says

    Dear wentworth

    im a big fan of yours and would love to marry you what ever it takes i love kids and im trying to be a prison warden! you are the man off my dreams i have always like you. Please would you pick me for your wife and kids!

  19. nutsaboutwent says

    I have 4 kids
    the oldest is 5,,you think he’ll take me..lol
    after prison break I became smitten!!

  20. Anonymous says

    you are in luck! I am a wife and have kids. Wentworth is the most beautiful creature EVER

  21. cristy says

    Y r u guys fighting over him his only one person in the world i mean i bet u just like him bcuz his cute but tat isnt all i bet u dont know his true feelings i bet he feels creeped out wen people keep on annoying him u should let live his life im not obssesed wit him i just prison break to see if his married but sadly his not he would have made an amazing pair wit sarah callies well some people dont feel da oh well sorry to ruin ur mood girls and if u read this wentworth u might wanna speak up for ur self and tat way u can stop hidding in ur house.
    sincierly, cristy

  22. Devan :) says

    Wentwoth Miller, I would wait forever for you :) you are truley amazing. I drool everytime I watch Prison Break. My brother’s girlfriend had a picture of you naked on her computer :) I love you, and I one day will marry you.