Former Destiny’s Child Singer Kelly Rowland Collapses On Stage

Remember that video clip of Michelle Williams tripping as Destiny’s Child strutted on stage? Poor girl was ignored as the other two just kept going like nothing happened! What do they say about karma?
Kelly Rowland was performing this past Sunday as part of the ThisDay Music Festival in West Africa when she collapsed on stage mid song. Click here to see the video, it’s rather surprising.

Poor girl!!! At least her backup singers didn’t ignore her! Turns out she was dehydrated. But not to worry, she’s all right.

Rowland was taken to an undisclosed Lagos hospital for a check-up and is in good condition at present.”

Let’s see, that’s 2 out of 3 Destiny’s Child members who have fallen on stage. Let’s hope Beyonce keeps her feet firm on the ground!
Thumbnails below are of Kelly out and about in New York City last week looking happy and steady on her feet.
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  1. ar6557 says

    Theres a big difference in falling and fainting and it has nothing to do with karma. You should know what youre writing before you even write it…this is where bad karma starts.