Gisele Bundchen And A Friend Out In New York

Gisele Bundchen and a friend were seen strolling around New York the other day. Gisele looks like she’s in a bad mood and is seen talking on her cell phone for many of the pictures that were taken in this set. Maybe she’s upset about this, or maybe she’s annoyed that she’s being photographed. She probably just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, happens to the best of us. Maybe if someone reminds her that she earns $33 million a year she’ll start smiling again!




  1. Anonymous says

    Yes that is definitely Jill McCormack with her. Fellow model and Eddie Vedders girlfriend/mother of his child.

  2. Michael says

    Who the hell is that ugly skinny whore with her?? Damn, Models are uglier then hell lately!!

  3. lolalove says

    duckish, horsey faced girls, ala jill mccormick, are all the rage now. haven’t you heard?

  4. dm says

    Explain to me how this stick earn 33 million a year? Overpaid. I wonder what their lives look like in the next life.

  5. Kathleen says

    HMMM–maybe she is cultivating some SENSE and gearing up to dump Tom Brady! What a SELFISH jerk!

  6. Melissa W. says

    Bridget is having the c-section today so that Tom can have the whole week to spend with the baby since next Friday he will go back to "work" or whatever it is :)

  7. Eve says

    #9. Talented? For what? Walking down a catwalk? Posing for pictures? Any dumb whore can learn how to do that!!! Oh wait, that´s what Gisele Bitchen did! (she´s been to a modeling course in Brazil before starting her career). I freaking hate this woman.

  8. Eve says

    And when she says she started being a model by chance? Big fat lie!!! She has always wanted to be a model or she wouldn´t have practised for that. Liar, she´s a liar.