Nick Lachey Shopping For Wedding Rings?

Could it be? Has the time officially come where Nick Lachey is looking to settle down again? He is most certainly a long-term committment kinda guy. But engagement rings already? That’s the scoop according to the National Enquirer. We even know what kind of diamond Vanessa Minnillo wants, an emerald cut.

“Vanessa has always wanted a cushion-cut diamond. But at the Kentucky Derby in May, Vanessa changed her mind after she aw an emerald-cut engagement ring on another Derby-goer’s finger,” said the friend.
The ring Vanessa fell in love with has a platinum band with a large emerald-cut diamond in the center and two smaller emerald-cut stones on each side. And as soon as she saw it, the 26-year-old former “Entertainment Tonight” personality gave Nick shopping instructions, says a pal. Buying the sparkly bauble is the next step toward sealing the deal between Vanessa and 33-year-old Nick. The couple, who began dating a year ago, bought a million-dollar two-bedroom condo in New York City’s luxury Atelier building in April.




  1. niklove says

    poeple are so jelous of her. Nick will envantually marry her and stay happily married its his life not your life idiots

  2. babsido says

    If they end up getting married, I wish them all the happiness in the word.
    Everybody deserves to be happy with or without your aproval

  3. More Beans Please says

    I say if Nick loves her and is happy with her go for it. However, I think he should wait at least a year before he gets married.

  4. Mayve says

    Goodluck to both of them, hope they stay happy together even after the wedding. Vanessa is way better than "Emotionable" dumb blond and I am happy for Nick. And to those people who are hating this couple. GET A LIFE! They definitely have better stuff than what you all got!

  5. Amy says

    Yeah you know, I dont like talking bad about people I dont know…BUT something about her just rubs me the wrong way!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kathleen says

    If Nick DOES end up marrying Vanessa, I will have lost any and ALL respect for the guy. He could do MUCH better!

  7. amy d says

    eeeeeewwwwwwww….Nick is so ugly…why do you people like him???? He has no sex appeal whatsoever. Big Nose.