Isla Fisher Showing Off Her Baby Bump

It’s a good thing Isla Fisher just announced that she was pregnant. Otherwise, we would have all be sooooo confused by these shots of her at The Hot Rod premiere. :) I wonder if that little Borat is giving her any trouble already.
In other news, Isla has been writing her own movie roles because she is sick of what is available to female comics.

“I realized after Wedding Crashers that there are not that many comic opportunities available for women in Hollywood. All the scripts are written for men and as a woman you end up playing the smallest roles rather than getting to the protagonist. There’s never a female Clouseau and I get bummed about that so I got together with some great writers, started writing for myself and pitching ideas and scripts to studios.”





  1. Erin says

    She looks like she squeezed into that dress with the help of a stick of butter. I love "baby bumps" as much as the next person but honey go up a size!

  2. AC says

    wow … looking at her feet makes me feel sooo sorry for her that does not look fun. But she looks radient! go girl.