Hilary Duff Smokes?

Uhhh-Ohhh. 19 year old Hilary Duff was photographed drinking and smoking recently at a club in Hollywood with her new 26 year old, hockey playing boyfriend, Mike Comire. She’s never been one to act like Lindsay, or Britney, so I’m going to say it’s just a young girl being young. Who knows? It could just be some ginger ale.
In other Hilary news, she was spotted buying some junk food at a local gas station.




  1. Linh says

    She not smoking! I only could see her drinking…

    And I look at the picture of Hilary buying junk food, and she was buying a Movie. Wonder what movie it is.

  2. Chelsea says

    I am your #1 fan. i have 35 posters in my room of you and they are covering my room.i no you dont smoke. If she does smoke she would need to have a big look at her self and fans but its her own problem and i will always love her but i dont beileive she would do a such thing she is a lovely person and i love her sooooooooo much love chels

    p.s i no you dont and never will there lying who ever took the picture

  3. fia says

    if u look closely it is not even hilary who is smoking. the grl with the cigarette is wearing a yellow hat and a black top, look back at the earlier images and u will see that hil is wearing a biege dress!!!
    as for the drinking, hilary can do what she wants!

  4. Mary says

    Oh my gosh! Are you for real. She’s at a party and she’s only having 1 drink in these photos. She’s not acting like Britney or Lindsay, why even mention that. Hil’s is gorgeous and talented and a great role model. I wish other celebs were half as decent as her.

  5. hilary Duff's ONLY #1 fan ONLY ME says

    i’m hilary Duff’s ONLY #1 fan ONLY ME NOT ANY ONE ELSE……… so DEAL WITH IT!!!!! and plus even if she is smoking WHO CARES doesn’t alot of people!
    but i don’t think she is

  6. rich batra says

    I HOPE NOT…I THINK NOT…SHES BETTER THAN THAT. people who smoke are disgusting unclean people whi i hate

  7. Serry says

    hey, she’s not smoking in those pictures, she’s only drinking something!! And I doubt she was drunk at the end of… can I call it party? And when you see her face with that mouth like she was spitting something, I think she was joking… if she smokes I would feel really bad but I’m sure she doesn’t

  8. Anonymous says

    She isn’t freaking smoking. Geez. Hilary does not smoke and even said herself she thinks smoking is disgusting. Take it from a fan of hers for 10 years.

  9. Anounomous says

    kikilicious: Not all teenagers will have smoked or drunk alcohol, smoking is just stupid, and i don’t think Hil. would be that sort of girl in doing that. I think though that is and over statement because i’m 12 and I never want to smoke in my life and never will, not going to change my mind- no one in my family smokes, i just no in my heart that smoking is wrong in every way. Hil isn’t smoking in the photo, stupid pap.

  10. Heather says

    I never saw her smoking. It looked like she and her boyfriend were making the same expressions with their mouths. Like rolling their tongues or whistling?!

  11. kikilicious says

    Even if she is drinking and smoking…that is not a big deal, every teenager has gotten drunk and smoked. As long as she doesnt do it every day and she doesnt act like a fool, then its her life and she has the right to party like all other girls :)

  12. rich batra says


  13. Jan says

    Last time I checked the drinking age in the USA is 21. How do these clubs not loose their licenses????? If she is only 19 then there is a huge thing wrong with her drinking- its illegal. Now send her across the border to Mexico or Canada and everything would be irie mon.

  14. emma says

    everybody is saying that she isnt 21 so she shouldnt be drinking, everybody is acting like when they were 19 they never drank. I know when I was 19 I did a lot worse things than drink.

  15. Kel Bel says

    Ok who gives a shit about her smoking or drinking I mean it could be worse she could be in the toilet snorting coke. So big whoop she is being a young woman having fun.

    Anyway what gets me are the pics of her at the gas station I mean they are just reminding me of Britney haha with her hair all pulled up trashy like.

  16. cassandra says

    i am hilary duffs #1 fan always !!!!!!!!!! i have every sibgle thing of hers.Anyway she doesnt smoke even if she does its her own problem she will find out what will happen to her.