Pink Performing In Baden-Wurtemberg, Germany

Here’s Pink performing at a free music festival in Germany this past weekend. I love the spirited Pink because she’s different and always has something to say. Her outfit is blowing my mind a bit though. But a concert warrants some creativity right?




  1. Other Karen says

    I like the outfit–it looks respectable until you notice her skirt is held up by a garter belt.

  2. maryj says

    I love her! One thing she is definitely NOT is hypocritical! She is down to earth and speaks her mind and the truth.

  3. Miss M says

    Wow, she lost a lot of weight. Good for her if she intended to lose some! I like her music and find her refreshing.

  4. says

    Pink truly is horrible… but I kinda respect anybody who actually makes a buck out of being an alternative poppopoproduct, like Avril Lavigne. Or Brit. Or Paris. Is anybody gonna remember one of their albums in five years time?