Hayden Panettiere At The Beach

WOW! Hayden Panettiere showed off her buff, beach body on Monday. Our Heroes cheerleader must be spending some serious time at the gym, or maybe it’s just her 17 year old metabolism working overtime…either way, she looks great!
Hayden has absolutely worked hard on getting this body. A year ago she looked more like an average teenager. Now, if she wanted to, she could stop traffic!




  1. Summer says

    people in here are crazy..
    she is not f…… overweight?!?!?!?!?!
    she has an amazing body, she looks really healthy.
    chubby has become fat, normal has become overweight, skinny has become normal and anorectic has become a little skinny.
    my cousin who is 9 years old, is telling me she things she is too fat and she wants to lose weight, sometimes she even refuses to eat candy, and she is not overweight at all!!!
    also i can’t understand why you are sitting here writing hayden is fat? just because she’s famous, she still deserves to be treated with respect. Your words might really hurt her, and she could end up having an eating disorter…
    i personally her body is perfect, if she lost weight it would look wrong, i would love to have her body.
    an unhealthy body has become fashionable, and that really needs to change.

  2. Samantha says

    I would rather look like her than any of these underweight, emaciated looking hollywood stars any day.

    Anyone who calls her fat is just plain clueless. I had someone say I must be fat because my hips were big. A large body frame or high muscle mass will add size, but it CANNOT make a person fat. Some female body builders are huge but NO-ONE would ever accuse them of being fat. Fat means wobbly, flabby and she is none of those things. She looks firm and toned and I unlike a several posters here know what the hell I am talking about!

  3. Samantha says

    I would rather look like her than any of these underweight, emaciated looking hollywood stars any day.

    Anyone who calls her fat is just plain clueless. I had someone say I must be fat because my hips were big. A large body frame or high muscle mass will add size, but it CANNOT make a person fat. Some female body builders are huge but NO-ONE would ever accuse them of being fat. Fat means wobbly, flabby and she is none of those things. She looks firm and toned and I unlike several posters here, I know what the hell I am talking about!

  4. Rachel says

    gosh you guys i think she looks great. she is so not fat she just has muscle. im small aswell and its hard cus a little weight can make a huge difference. leave her alone. besides shes a great actress. i once lost a bit weight and just like "detroiter" said, your breasts shrink. if Hayden lost weight she would have no body at all. she has breasts and hips which make her look great.

  5. mandy says

    soo let me get this straight.
    some of you out there think shes fat.
    thats very intresting because if you think about it wheres the fat on her..
    her butt?her stomach?her thighs
    are you out of your mind guys like to touch skin and not bones im just in shock by
    some ppls comments it just shows that people like Tyra Banks or Hayden Panettiere etc. have beautiful personalities and healthy self esteems and if they dont they at least didnt then they fooled me lol because they no as celeberties. that u have to show a healthy image because if not. then everyone mostly girls are gonna be so unhappy with them selves
    i have thick thighs my waists alright i excercise alot and i still lose weight slowly but im not
    gonna go cry about
    you`ve only got one.

  6. wow!! says

    FAT?? im 14 and im 5 1" and have the same body as she does because i play soccer, run cross country, horse back ride, play lacrosse, and play softball. i used to get really upset because i thought i was so short and my thighs were huge and hayden is my role model because i learned that my thighs are just really muscular and short isnt bad i mean hayden went out with STEPHEN FROM LAGUNA BEACH!!! now thats one sexy man! anyways, F&$^ off people who are calling her fat you must be crazy shes not even the least bit phat so shes NOT fat shes just way more muscular and has boobs and your just JEALOUS!!!

  7. taylor says

    she is beautiful, her body is perfect, not to skinny, and shes not even close to fat at all you guys dont know what fat is plus a girl being a little chubby is actually cute you dont want a walking skeleton as a girlfriend if you do you might as well dig up someone cause thats where there gonna end up if they dont eat anywayss.

  8. says

    Ryt on samantha! u wud all do well 2 listen 2 tht 1 cz shez exactly ryt! Hayden is nt at all fat. she is well hott and has mint body tone which is wayy betta thn emaciated stick thin desires tht so many people in society hav these days! us girls, and especially celebs hav 2 mch pressure 2 b extremely thin, it destroys confidence and leads 2 eating disorders! i shud knw, im a recovering anorexic and am nw tryin 2 accept myself mre. But hayden deffo luks fab and her thighs r nt fat so i dunno wt uz r all on abwt. Besides, how pretty is she?!! id die 4 her looks xxx

  9. says

    no1 is eva completely happy wif themselves nd hw they luk. but the way sum of u r goin on is how sum people develop eating disorders. i mean r u all so critical and blind tht u dnt fink she is thin enuff? big thighs this, fat bum tht! i mean purleasse! she obv trains and exercises nd thts y she is toned and muscular. not every1 has 2 b skinny and boney jst coz they r pressured by othas. The way peopl r acting is part of hw i turned anorexic last year and its no fun bein hospitalised trust me, but she cud turn lyk tht if peopl keep sayin things lyk hw she aint skinny enuff or has fat thighs. lyk u all dont hav insecurities?cnt she jst enjoy a day at th beach wivout us lott dissin her on hw she luks in her bikini? personally i fink she looks well fittt and shudnt succumb 2 any negative criticisms xx

  10. pauleen says

    i have the same built with her. i also have the same height with her and i’m 14. she is NOT FAT FYI!!! she looks pretty normal. it’s better than being super fat or super skinny.

  11. Char says

    I can’t believe some of you, she has a lovely figure and I love that fact that she’s not super skinny, and the fact that she’s only 5ft 1″, thats only 1 inch taller than me. I’m 5ft and I weigh 9 and a half stone, yes, i’m probably overweight but not by much, if i was 6ft then i’d be anorexic, there is no ideal weight for anybody! You are who you want to be, I the size I am and I don’t care, I have a boyfriend who loves me, friends and family who’d die for me, so in my opinion I think whoever calls Hayden fat, or short, of ugly etc. is off their heads!! I totally agree with hottiewithabody, she’s my role model too, people who say Paris Hilton or Posh Beckham is their role model, its just obvious that they hate the way they look and wanna be skinny little freaks like them!! I think anyone who calls Hayden fat or something should quit it with the jealousy!!

  12. Anonymous says

    She looks thinner than usual here but her arms just look too big for her. She looks short and stalky. She is pretty though..

  13. Anonymous says

    Im shocked at some peoples comments on here??? no wonder young women feel under pressure to be skinny with stupid peoples ideas on what is fat, i cant believe some people have said she has chunky thighs etc, are u guys perfect or something??
    she looks in good shape to me, she does a lot of horse riding which strenghens thighs, shes looks healthy as welll which is more than can be said for some celebritys chasing the size 0 ‘ideal’.

  14. Anonymous E says

    My body shape is exactly like hers, except i’m 5ft 7! She looks Beautiful! As many have said before me, I’d love to look more like her than a stupid model who is on the verge of anorexia!!! Hayden looks fab!

  15. Anonymous says

    not good. still chubby despite recent (obvious) weight loss. short chubby legs, long torso. chubby arms and fat face.. why is she in show biz?

  16. Anonymous says

    i think her precious is figure. i love her height!!
    No one wants to date a girl who is 6 ft 100 pounds..
    all of ya’ll who think she is fat.. get over yourself

  17. Ema says

    You’re a jerk! People like you are making young girls get into eating disorders. You are completly blind. She’s so perfect. You sound like my gradma, honestly…

  18. Sammie says

    I’m 5’8″ and 150lbs. I’m very comfortable with my body, and you should be too. My guess would be that you’re within the recommended weight range for women.

  19. Sammie says

    Don’t be. Everyone has their own body type. And honestly I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with being so tiny. I think that Hayden looks great.

  20. Anonymous says

    I know right! Speaking for the majority of men out there (if you care what we think): NEWS FLASH: rail thin has never, NEVER looked good to any red blooded male. What that young girl in that picture has is a gift!!! I am getting tired of this CRAP!!! The people in the fashion industry have NO idea what looks good as far as the female body is concerned. NONE!!!! My wife is always telling me she is fat, and it kills me!! Who is the BASTARD who told her that???!! Some people should be shot!!!

  21. Lilly says

    To be young again. I can remember when I could eat anything and never gain weight. THOSE DAYS ARE OVER! She looks great.

  22. ln says

    Jello- wow…seriously, get a life….

    anyways, she drives me nuts. she is not fat, just out of shape

  23. johanna says

    TO Jello..Not everyone has the same genetics….Didnt you ever learn that..it is people like you that will make her kill herself and look like Nicole Richie in a year or two…Im sure she could look skinny if she didnt eat and did H

  24. Manda says

    her thighs are huge?!?!?!?
    what the hell do you people think skinny is?!
    she looks beautiful!

  25. Mandy says

    Her ass looks awful! Walk through the mall and you will see teenagers way hotter than her. Her body is short and thick. Plus, her head is too big for her body.

  26. Anonymous says

    you know, cause she can definitely fix that…
    wow, no need to criticize others so harshly. I bet half of you guys leaving critical comments about her figure don’t have a body anywhere close to as great as hers. seriously get a life. you don’t know her.
    Really, is it worth spending your time ridiculing others?

    she’s just a celebrity. get over it.

  27. Sammie says

    And isn’t it funny how she (Marilyn Monroe) is still considered a sex idol? You don’t have to be a size zero to be beautiful.

  28. Anonymous says

    omgsh. hayden panettiere is my idol!!
    i would killlll to look like her!
    i loove her body!
    i think it’s perfect!

  29. Anonymous says

    oh my word yu guys complaining about her body are part of the problem in a world where young girls die daily due to anorexia! I`m her height and thinner but i would love to have her toned body thin does not mean toned and thin is not always beautiful

  30. Anonymous says

    She looks great.
    It’s sad how some people think being in a healthy weight range means your fat.
    I don’t really see the appeal in looking like a skeleton.

  31. blaaablaaa says

    If you think that’s fat?
    than are the most people in the world fat
    so i love her body !
    and she is not fat at all!