Mena Suvari Shaved Her Head

Could this be a new Hollywood trend? Getting healthy hair by starting all over? I WOULD NEVER EVER DO THIS!!! But Mena Suvari somehow is pulling it off. Who will be next to shave their head?




  1. JAR says

    I think women who shave their heads are beautiful and strong. I plan on shaving my in a couple days. When I told my mom this she looked at me as if I were crazy.

    oh well . . .

  2. I wonder says

    had to do the buzz cut once from overbleaching, dyeing etc. it is the only way to get it healthy. I agree. Britney should remove the extensions-they tug on the real hair–When mine was growing pulled out what was growing. Once I let it go–it grew faster and better!

  3. vallivero says

    Mena Suvari has a naturally quite stunning face and a perfect shaped skull… B Spears however is a fugly country bumpkin who needs to crawl into a corner and rot.

  4. Thea says

    Well this look actually came back in last year when Natalie Portman shaved her head for her role in V for Vendetta. She was really cute and Mena is looking good too.

    I shaved my head over a year back (soon after Natalie) and i would do it again in a minute because it is a great feeling and it is also good for improving your hair structure.

    Also when i had this haircut i was like the only one and everybody were like WTF is wrong with you. But now i see at least a pair of girls with buzz every day.

    I dont think that Britney has anything to do with this over a year long trend, plus she didnt intend to do it she was just "mad" in a moment.

  5. Tim says

    There is short and cute and there is ridiculous and I am afraid this fits in the late – She looks stupid

  6. Anonymous says

    Um u must be smokin crack or some other illegal stuff! She looks like a friggin boy and no wonder your momma looked at u like your crazy because mothers know best and FYI you are…WOW

  7. Anonymous says

    And you must be about five as your grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and all around speech is that of an ignorant five year old. Grow up and get some real opinions and life experiences.

  8. Anonymous says

    Mena as always been soooo pretty and here again she is!!!She do rock the buzz cut!!!Maybe its because she is confident and she assume herself???

  9. Anonymous says

    Shaving your hair is so empowering…I get so many compliments by women wishing they could do the same. You only live once so why not?