She’s Just A Waitress From Upstate NY

How many times have we heard Rachael Ray say that she is just a waitress from upstate NY who got lucky? Yes, I watch the show (on occasion – ok all the time). Here she is filming a segment for her network morning talk show and getting her makeup done in between takes.




  1. m.a says

    I was a fan of hers before her face became plastered everywhere. I thought she seemed genuine. I was wrong. I met her in NYC once and she was NOT nice. At all. Now, I cant watch her anymore- I know how unfriendly she is!

  2. RachelH8ter says

    She is not a waitress that got big, she is a cunning rag that screwed her way to the top. Everyone who knows her (which includes me) knows that about her. And her bubbly personal is FAKE!!!

  3. says

    It really is the bubbliness that gets to people, I think. I picked up the lovely trait of hating happy people from my cynical mom. RR is one of the few that I try to like despite it. She does get to be too much sometimes, but I only get to watch her daytime show a couple times a year, anyway.

  4. says

    I can only watch the 30 min meal show because I am actually taking away something.
    all other shows are off limits

    She is too much for me.
    I much rather watch Paula Deen! :) Love her!

  5. Kris says

    I like Rachael most of the time, but the giddyness gets to me after a while.

    I LOVE Paula Deen! Oh and I love Bobby Deen too! lol

  6. quit raggin says

    at first i thought she couldnt be as nice as she is
    on tv
    but after she went to alabama and cried with my
    cousin about the death of his girlfriend. i have
    changed my opinion about her.
    she is a caring and true to herself kind of person
    she is not the typical celebrity