Tom Cruise Wants To Learn British Slang

Blimey! Bloody Hell! Shag! Yeah, I know as much British slang as Austin Powers taught me over the years. It seems that the Beckhams are adding another job to their long list of To Do’s since coming to America.Tom Cruise has reportedly become fascinated by Victoria’s array of British slang and is quite keen on learning.

Tom thinks her words and phrases are brilliant. Whenever he’s round there (her LA home) and she says something really English he goes crazy for it and starts mimicking her. He loves the British language because some of the sayings are so quirky. She’ll say things like ‘bloody hell’ and ‘blimey’. And she’ll say ‘come on chaps’ to her sons. Tom loves hearing it all and is building up a bit of an Anglo vocabulary himself.”

I can understand the fascination. When I read the comments on this blog I LOVE it when a British person calls someone a cow. I know it’s a mean thing to say. But that’s not something you hear in the states. So whenever I read it, I think it’s hysterical.




  1. Jane W says

    I love "Slapper" & "Slag" They both mean the same thing, basically a loose woman. I learned that from the show "Ladette to Lady"

  2. Jan says

    I bet he will be chuffed if he can pick it up ! lol And yes meeeeeeeeeeeeee that saying "taking the piss" does my head in hahaha Oh this is so much fun !

  3. METR says

    OKAY very vera… once again i beg to differ with you. now i really know that you are not stupid, i really believe that you are just ignorant to the world and other cultures and ethnic grps… calling someone a COW, is not just a british thing, I GREW UP IN AMERICA and i hear that slang word being used every day.

  4. madge78 says

    to throw some more words your way.
    tosser (insult for a man)
    minger (ugly person)
    chav (common person who favours bling and fags)
    fags (ciggies)
    bevvie (beer)
    arse (rear end)
    twat (insult)
    to use these words in a sentance….
    The guy was a real tosser, a complete minger like chav who constantly smoked fags and drank bevvies like it was coming out of his arse, an utter twat!
    And that my folks is the "british" language at its best. translation book any one?

  5. Miss M says

    Megg: You are wrong. There is a "British English" and an "American English". There should only be English though.

    English was introduced to the United States during the British colonisation.

    My favourite word is definitely tosser. I love the sound of it!

  6. tracey says

    wank stain a,term i use for my ex or
    shit face
    twat is a insult to a male
    rat arsed , angry
    shut ya man hole ,is a males mouth
    ennit is isnt
    sick means something really nice or cool,
    cabaged is, having to much to drink
    spaced out, is off your head on drugs
    old bag is a old person
    gosh theres loads .im from the uk

  7. tracey says

    brat is a horrible child
    pratt is a idiot
    a fat woman, is a fat cow
    asre wipe is a term used for a nasty male

  8. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says

    jan, i am laughing my arse off.

    and trying to think of english things i might say…

    nothing off the top of my head, although i had a conversation with an american bloke once (ah, bloke, thats one) and i said to him "i was taking the piss out of you"…

    he just looked dumbfounded and repeated very slowly:

    "you were taking the piss OUT of me?"

    i think he took it a bit too literally.

    once again, i laughed my arse off.

    I was also asked by an american girl if i had a butler and if i called my parents "ma" and "pa".

    nope, just mum and dad,

  9. JAAZ says

    I fancy the brits slang too.. my favorites are bloke and wanker.. they always give me a giggle. I LOVED the show coupling on BBC Its genius!

  10. Maximum Big Surprise says

    I love British expressions too. But I think Tommy Girl is being ridiculous, if this story is even true!

  11. Melany says

    I love the British slang too! I also like to listen Victoria talking. She sounds very cool, unlike her handsome hubby of hers!;)