Random Gift Giving

Perhaps Danny Bonaduce thought he could get some press out of this gift giving extravaganza. Love how there happened to be a photographer standing behind him when Nicole Richie opened the door to receive a baby present from Danny. You can’t see it in the picture… but right behind him was Cher, Bobby Brady, Chachi and Ron Howard all waiting their turn with frankincense and mir.




  1. Cp says

    Do you listen to the Adam Corolla show in the morning? I was waiting for these pictures! Danny went to deliver a baby basket to Nicole from 97.1 Free FM. He has tried to do this with Posh with bagels and Paris Hilton when she got out of jail; I think they just wanted to talk to Paris. Anyway it always is hilarious because Danny goes out on his motorcycle and there are always millions of Paparazzi who stake out these houses. He talks to them and tries to get to the door to deliver the gift. Nicole was the first to answer the door herself. She has major brownie points in my book for being down to earth like that. Danny actually guessed the pass code to her gate, to get to the front door. Guess what it was? #6969. haha. I bet she changed it, because it was on the radio! This is so cool. Listening to the situation as it takes place then seeing the pictures in the blogs a week later!

  2. bpvwav says

    Well whatever the real story behind this is – Nicole looks GREAT!! Her face looks real full and healthy! I hope she is really taking care of herself and turns her life around for herself and her baby!!!!

  3. Miss says

    I heard this on the radio too. I love the Adam Carolla show. But that is an AWFUL shirt Danny is wearing.

  4. Kate says

    I think this is funny. AND I laughed out loud about the people standing behind Danny. Good one! needed that laugh! haha!!

  5. Kathleen says

    Aw! How sweet of Danny…And, he is gainfully employed by a radio station again! He is SO lucky!! He better be off the drugs now!