Outdoor Cooking With Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa looked amazing as ever as she filmed a cooking segment for Live with Regis and Kelly. Here is a little proof that she actually eats for all you skeptics. :)
And for those of you who are in love with her husband (like I am) , here is a great shot of him.





  1. ayla says

    Kelly has always been tiny. When she gained weight with her first pregnancy, the fans (she was staring on All My Children at the time) really gave her a hard time about not losing the baby weight.

    Now she has 3 small children to look after all of the time, so of course she is thin. High Metabolism

    I think both Kelly and Mark are cuties.

  2. DANNY De says

    u have that right ,, some serious guns !!! bigger than mine , 4 real ! i hope she arm wrestles regis soon b4 he leaves !!! she promised us b4 he went in for heart surgery , remember ????

  3. xoxo2babe says

    seriously stop attacking race… everyone is different and beautiful in their own way… kelly looks fabulous she takes care of those kids and works, she lost the weight through that but she still looks great… anybody who makes things about race is jealous

  4. ln says

    Kelly used to be so much more beautiful. She lost all of her curves and femininity. I still love her, but I wish she would put on some weight or something.

  5. Monika says

    I agree with the 1st comment, she needs to put on some weight. She looks gross so skinny and it makes her head look big for her body.