Ryan Reynolds On The Cover Of The Advocate

Ryan Reynolds graced the cover of this month’s The Advocate, a gay and lesbian magazine that covered a recent trip he made to Africa. Before we get into the pictures of Ryan spending time with orphans and helping repair housing, let’s read a little of his interview.

On his pregnancy radar:
John August: Probably a good strategy.
Ryan Reynolds: It’s the same thing where I won’t ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless the baby is crowning. Unless that baby is literally dangling by an umbilical cord while she’s on a hospital gurney.
She could have just had a big lunch. We’ve all seen that happen, where you say, “So, when are you due?” And there’s just that blank stare. It just feels like a tiny verbal car crash.
On Religion:
J A: But in real life, do you have to get your publicist involved in things?
R R: Yes, recently. [Laughs] I did an interview also for this movie for another magazine. The subject of religion came up, and I said some things that might have been somewhat provocative for certain groups in the United States of America. Now, I have no concrete idea as to what the state of religion is or what it should be, nor am I qualified to even speculate on that, but I did nonetheless. I was driving home and I thought, He asked some really good great questions, especially that one about religion – “oh, shit. That’s when you call your publicist and you say “Look, I might have said, “Religion poisons everything good in this world,’ uh… that might be a problem.”
J A: And now here you are doing it again.
R R: I know! I’ll probably call her after you and I finish this interview.
On Paparazzi
J A: There’s this need to create narrative. They have all these little snapshot images of this celebrity with that celebrity, and it becomes a process of creating an elaborate scenario that would explain why she was with him on that day and another guy on a different day. And why she would look unhappy taking groceries out of her car.
R R: Yeah, they’d never assume that it’s because the paparazzi is taking a picture and opening up their life with a jackhammer. They’re taking 140 shots a minute, and then they choose the one where you look like you’re frowning or a little bit upset or a little bit anything. Suddenly that becomes the story, which turns into “fact” shortly afterwards. It’s crazy. It’s stressful for the people who are under this microscope, and it’s stressful for the people around them as well. Because if you’re dating a girl, and you’re photographed with another girl who happens to be famous, and they’re cropping out the eight people around you – “suddenly you’re in hot water for no reason at all.
On Outing
J A: Hence the witch hunt. That’s what frustrates me about some of the celebrity blogs in particular. They’re so obsessed with outing certain celebrities or punishing the people they think should be out that it turns into sort of this new McCarthyism.
R R: If I were a gay man, I’d like to believe that it would be my choice if I were to publicize that or not.




  1. beckett says

    He has been one of my favorites for a LONG time now. He is right up there with George Clooney in my book. George would be one and Ryan would be number two. He has the best abs ever I think!!!!!