Halle Berry At A Restaurant

LOVE THAT DRESS! Halle Berry was photographed in an adorable eggplant dress while she made her way out of a restaurant to run some errands.As usual, she is toying with our emotions as she holds her bag in front of her stomach. She has extensions in her hair. But Halle is one of the only actresses I like with a really short cut. She is stunning either way. Who am I kidding? :)




  1. cat says

    she always looks so gorgeous! her clothes are always simple but stylish– and her boobs do look bigger ( i feel weird saying that, LOL) i hope she´s pregnant this time.. She looks like she´d make a really cool mom.

  2. Jethro says

    She IS pregnant! It was confirmed last week on Access Hollywood. She is 2 months and worried about her diabetes complicating her pregnancy.