Where Is Tony?

Isn’t it funny that ever since Eva Longoria got married to Tony Parker, we barely see them together? Here she is on Melrose doing a little shopping.




  1. Erin says

    That is not true……i always see pictures of them together…..Are you trying to cause another split?

  2. Suckas says

    Hmm maybe because she was milking lal the press to have the wedding of the year lmao and it wasnt.

  3. Kiddo says

    lol ive noticed. and when they are together they look mad. i never liked her or tony, and now that they are together…ugh!

  4. dvden says

    Who here is with their significant other 24/7?!!! If you are, you are truly blessed and I envy you.

  5. Post says

    Probably something to do with Basketball – he may be playing for Team France the way Kobe is for Team USA and Ginobli is for Team Argentina.