Amy Winehouse On Vacation In The Caribbean

Amy Winehouse an her husband Blake Fielder-Civil, took a little vacation in the Caribbean and considering all that they’ve gone through in the last couple of weeks it’s no surprise. I do however think a little time in rehab would be better for BOTH of them. But I suppose when you have that much money it takes a little longer to hit rock bottom.Click on the thumbnails to check out Amy’s extremely thin body…

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  1. angel says

    Gross, look at those molds in her thigh" fucking dirty!!!!!!!!!how much more the smell!
    Can somebody throw her in the water! ugh

  2. GNE says

    looks like cellulitis scars on the inner thigh.
    lots of junkies shoot up in the crotch area to hide the tracks.

  3. alabama says

    she is a dude and the scars are where they cut her nuts off. there is no doubt this chick was once a man, GAG

  4. Anonymous says

    I completely agree with your comment! She truly is/was a man, and her body shape, and face even still look like that of a mans! Sooo gross!

  5. Danielle says

    Her body is sooo gross. She has no shape. Very odd! And she is so dirty, Take a shower!!