Britney Spears Gets Help From The Cops

This girl can’t even get out of her parking spot without getting swarmed. Are tinted windows legal in California? Too bad if they aren’t. These celebs would save themselves a whole lotta trouble. I don’t think they are in NY. Click on the play button to watch Britney Spears getting help from the cops.




  1. Atiya says

    In NY, U can have a "factory tint" which is a slight tint at the front windows.
    I believe the maximum is 35% for your front windows but u can darken ur back windows as much as u want.

  2. Michelle says

    No wonder these poor girls are freaking out and ending up in rehab. Can you imagine living like this?

  3. Laura W says

    they are legal int he back… but the windshield and front side windows can only be tinted to a certain degree