Is J.Lo Pregnant?

Rumors are flying that Jennifer Lopez is finally pregnant following her fashion show in New York City last night.I always take these rumors with a grain of salt. It seems like she’s been pregnant every other week for the past 5 years! Time will tell. :)11

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  1. Carlton Banks says

    She is not beautiful.The b*tch is not aging well. Greedy fur hag.Shes really 46 not “39”. We all know that here in castle hill in the Bronx .She had alot of plastic surgery and she worships santeria saints for fame. Her ex husband was telling the truth.She cant sing ,she cant sing,she cant,i repeat cant sing. What is wrong with her.She must know.Jamie Fox told her,and the world the B*tch cant sing.Not that we didnt know.Shes full of it.Most overated person of all time.Must have been some big powerful santeria voodoo spell to make people think shes the shit.But like all magical spells its wearing off.The b*tch looks old .

  2. Ooba Gooba says

    I hope this trash never gets pregnant. She deserves it for treating people like dirt. Not to mention not having a shred of talent.

  3. Tawni says

    she looks like a beefy heffer… she isnt aging well..
    other than that I hope her baby dreams come true! everyone regardless deserves some joy in thier lives…

  4. Letitbe says

    I seen her perform @ the fashion & rock thing and I notice then that she has put on some weight? So, I believe she is.

  5. D. says

    Oh man…another baby watch. Great. I actually feel sorry for celebrity women…constantly under the microscope for whether or not they are going to have a baby! I mean, that should be something personal that you let people know when you are ready….broadcasting it and judging the size of their stomachs in every picture is just sick.