Who Does Ken Paves Think He Is?

Ken Paves turned down Britney Spears’ request to do her hair for the MTV Video Music Awards because he thought it would be a bad career move. WHAT? I didn’t realize he had clout like that.As if Jessica, Ashlee, and Eva would stop going to him because Britney’s hair didn’t come out the right way. Not for nothing, I wish he would do her hair. Chop it all off and just let her show off what nature intended.

The Hollywood hair guru, who regularly works with Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria, admits Spears approached him and asked him to take care of her look for her big comeback. Paves reveals he did go to Las Vegas to work with Britney, but backed out at the last minute, explaining, “I made the professional decision not to do her hair.”
Reports suggest Spears then hired her own stylist and sacked her over a hairy quarrel before the pop star took to the stage. Paves insists he wasn’t the stylist who was fired.




  1. Kayla says

    Just another thing to freak Britney out and hurt her feelings right before she goes on stage. Thsi girl, and I say girl because she is still so very young, has gone thru hell and this so called hair stylist should have been honest from the beginning. They did do these things on purpose hoping she would fail. So sick, so cruel!!!! I pray Britney turns things around and when she is on top again tells them publicly to go to hell!!!!

  2. amy d says

    Kayla…you did hear that Britney was partying till wee hours in the morning for 3 nights in a row before doing her show right??? I believe it was Britney fault….not the hairdresser.

  3. Ams says

    Nobody in their right mind would touch Britney. The only person looking somewhat good is her manager: he made sure she was on the stage on time. Other than that, anyone else connected to her "performance" is not getting high marks. Good call Paves.