Sheryl Crow In Shape Magazine

Sheryl Crow graced the cover of Shape Magazine (looking out of this world amazing, do I even need to say it?) for their October issue. She talked about some of the blows life has dealt her (a public breakup with Lance Armstrong, and finding out she had breast cancer). After examining her life again she says,

“Looking back, I realize I wasn’t focusing enough on myself. Women are usually the nucleus of the family. We’re the nurturers and
the caregivers. And unfortunately we tend to give the least amount of
nourishment to ourselves.”

I know I can definitely identify with that quote and for some reason I have a feeling that this rings true for a lot of readers. We could all learn a little something from Sheryl…so to all you super women out there…cut yourselves some slack every once in a while and take a little time for you!




  1. sandman says

    thats right, all you broads need to take a little time every day & get your bods lookin this good.