Lindsay Lohan To Write Memoir Once Out Of Rehab

Lindsay Lohan is planning to reveal all about her drug and alcohol abuse hell in a post-rehab book. She is so young to be writing a book like this. If Keith Richards decided to sit down and pen about his life, I would COMPLETELY understand.
Good things come out of everything though. Perhaps young girls will buy her book and learn from it. I’ll just wait for the best quotes to get emailed to me so I can post it for you. :)

“She found solace in reading memoirs of others who suffered to overcome their addictions, and she wants to similarly put her experiences out there.”




  1. LJR says

    I thought memiors were for people who actually stopped drinking and doing drugs? I wonder how it will look once it is published and she is back in rehab…again!

  2. says

    lindsay is very good at what she does and who cares if she snorts coke everybody does it at least once so everybody needs to quit dogging her