When Autographs Attack Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere signed a ton of autographs as she made her way to tape a Live with Regis and Kelly segment. I LOVE that first picture! I would love to know what picture her fan asked her to sign.UPDATE: TMZ has the video. Hayden is actually cursing at the crowd. Don’t worry – it’s bleeped out. Click here to see it.

hayden-autograph-davd.jpg hayden-autograph-davd1.jpg hayden-autograph-davd2.jpg hayden-autograph-davd3.jpg

Click on the above thumbnails to enlarge each picture.Splash




  1. Norick says

    Yeah I hate paps too… but mostly for contrubuting to the spawning of another pseudo celebrity like Hayden. She sucks and is totally overrated.

  2. Melissa says

    First the TMZ guys kill Princess Diana and now they are trying to kill this little girl? We have to do something about these criminals. they can get away with murder.

  3. Miss M says

    Sorry. After further review i think that the TMZ people may have cause the death of Princess Di.

    Melissa, no need to be rude!

  4. julie says

    she looks like a friggin plastic doll!!! so..unreal :S
    id also love to know what caused that facial expression though ahahah