Angelina Jolie To Produce Doctors Without Borders Show

Us Weekly is reporting that Angelina Jolie is in talks to produce a show focusing on Doctors without Borders. She is hoping a network like HBO will pick it up. I think it is great Angie keeps on using her celebrity to do the right thing.

They’re hoping to sell it to HBO,” says a source. Last year the actress donated $1 million to the organization. A rep for the agency says, “Brad [Pitt]and Angelina have been supporters of ours for a long time. They have been meeting with us to learn more about our work. And they have been meeting with other people about a possible project.”




  1. Mary says

    When I visit these types of sites, I am often shocked and saddened at the amount of malice displayed by some.

    Given some of the nasty, vicious and mean-spirited comments on these sites, you really have to wonder about the mentality of the person who is writing them.

    To those people I would say, were you not aware that when you make detrimental comments about another, those comments actually reflect an inner part of yourself?

    It is a well-known fact that negative comments are normally made by people who have low self-esteem, feel a lack of self-worth and are often jealous of the person they are attacking.

    Given that you are making your assumptions on often fabricated, distorted media reporting and unfounded rumours (on someone you have never met) is also very disturbing.

    Congratulations to everyone who were mature enough to have posted positive, uplifting and heartfelt comments.

  2. Anonymous says

    Mary, your comment is also judgmental and negative about the people that write on this blog!!!

  3. Letitbe says

    Oh look, There goes Brad Pitt dressing like his "lover". He does this w/ all his lover! mindless freak!

  4. sunshine says

    OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! I loooove Skankalina & her pretty boy Brad ! I will watch this show because Angelina is the new Princess Diana !

  5. Sheila says

    Big surprise, Miss funeral is wearing black and gray…I dont think I have seen a worse dressed celeb than Angelina

  6. Moreaces says

    someone said:
    Im sure it will spiral to its doom if they buy anything that Holie is selling!
    Only in your dreams.