How Much Child Support Can Kevin Federline Really Get?

According to California law, Kevin Federline will get $58,000 a month (assuming Britney Spears still makes $700,000 a month – YES A MONTH).

Under California law,” Kelly adds, “The children must have the same lifestyle as their mother since she is considered an individual who falls under a high bracket income.”

If Kevin gets sole custody, that number shoots up to $77,000 a month. Did I mention that income is tax free?

And get this, Federline does not have to pay a single penny in taxes because, “California law and the IRS state the primary caretaker doesn’t have to give anything to the government since the monies are being used to support children.”\

In other news, the eye patch mystery has been solved:

“(Kevin) had strep throat (sore throat) all last week and then got pink eye. It’s crazy. He’s not doing too well physically but he’s trying to get better as he has to leave next week to tape (U.S. TV show) One Tree Hill again.”




  1. Denielle#1 says

    What a scumbag he is..he was only married to Britney for the money in the first place..obviously. She may be stupid, but he is just a lowlife. What a great example he is for all his children..rigghhttt..Yuck!

  2. sandman says

    we all know he is just as bad if not worse, but he is listening to his atty & playing the game better right now.

  3. lookwhaticando says

    Good for Kevin, he should get the money, Britney is showing the world that she does not want to be a mother, and does not deserve the title as Mom. You Go Kevin, and Please, go get thoes dogs, I feel for them as well.

  4. jenna* says

    Ew! Look at the stains inbetween her fingers from tanning lotion!!!! Ew ew ew…its called washing ur hands u dirtyyy b*tch!