Johnny Depp Wont’ Raise Daughter In America

“I’m not particularly optimistic about society. We’re in an age where everything has gone too far. It’s an ugly world. “I’m truly frightened of America in terms of raising my daughter here. I don’t believe that is an option at all.”
— Johnny Depp




  1. hunting says


  2. pandora says

    Love it, Sandman! Imagine a "Frenchwoman" coming onto this site and criticizing the country that threw the Germans out of France because the French were too lazy and gutless to do it themselves!

    And another thing, Frenchie…here in American, we do things "well," not good. Bonne nuit.

  3. Kathleen says

    I think that his daughter will be better adjusted than the Paris Hiltons, Brit., L. Lohans of the world.

  4. says

    i wonder if this stupid @#$% has ever LIVED outside the us his entire life…for an extended period of time. sometimes actors really need to be slapped in the face with the big fish called reality.

  5. Janet says

    Where else could you have such freedom of speach?

    I love my country and if he does not that is his problem.

    I would not want to live any where else but here the home of the brave.

    Remember how we came together at 911?

    I love the character of our people.

    do you think that there are no crimials in France?

  6. Play Ms. T For Me says

    This country is a proud nation that seems to have lost its center. I understand his issues, I have felt them many times as well for my 2 daughters. Right or wrong, this country was founded on the principal that he can say as he pleases. Many of us seem to have forgotten that. Any attempt to stop a child from becoming another parasite celebutard should be commended.

  7. AztecBunny says

    I am such a Johnny Depp fan and I support him 100% – he has the right to choose where he raises his kids. I agree with the fact that this country has long forgotten about morality and respect.

  8. nelson says

    Ive been a fan of this kid and as i always say actors should never open their mouth. the minute they do you just cant help but to see how stupid most of them realy are.this guy was from butt hole ky and then moved to crap miramar fl and on to hollywood.was a complete nobody gets the 21 jump street gig and is a regular down to earth american kid.what happened? all of a sudden im mr french expert america is a shithole.what a shithead this place is what made him continues to make him.i think hes trying to not look american anymore either. hes just being led by his dick.that ugly french girl he calls a model you know the one with bad teeth he married. complete dipshit.

  9. Kirsten says

    I understand what Johnny Depp is saying here. His birthday is 4 more days after mine. We both have things in common. I want to be an actress when I grow up.


    I agree. I wouldn’t want my kid (if i had one) to grow up here. It’s probably for the same reason as his.

  11. Anonymous says

    Who cares what he thinks. This is the best country in the world. I have lived in several different countries in the world in my life time because of the chosen occupation of my father. I am proud to call myself American. I can not imagine raising my kids anywhere else. If he doesn’t like it let him leave. The reason he is a success is because of America and Americans not his fans in Europe that is for sure. he should not only be thankful he is American but proud to be.

  12. heava says

    well…I can see everyone getting into an uproar over this one. But I agree. I question having kids and bringing them into American society. Plus…being a child of a celebrity, it may be better for her to not be in the American eye.

  13. Anonymous says

    Totally true and intelligent. I bet this kid will be much more well adjusted than Suri, Shiloh etc.

  14. Igetit says

    Honestly, I completely understand his point. Look at the news. Look at what this country has become. No one gives a flying f about another human being in this country. The gun violence, the drugs,the poverty. It is out of control.

    Plus our kids worship the likes of Paris, Lindsay,Britney etc. Kids care more about sex and looking good than making something of themselves. It scary.

  15. Jazy says

    thats his opinion and hes permitted to have one……plus hes beautiful. Some people just dont like our country and just move away cause they dont like it! what the hell is wrong with that?! Im sure there are plenty other people who arent rich and are normal people like the rest of us that move cause they think it would be better somewhere else. were free to do what makes us most comfortabe so why the hell not? Get a grip people….I dont know why its something to get pissed about.

  16. Mark says

    Yeah, those socialist over in France are perfect. When being told they are raising the work week form 33 hours/week to 38, they threw some of the biggest riots the country has seen, where several people were killed. Not to mention, France has more pornography, and open nudity than anywhere in American…what a great country! I am going to pick-up my Family and get on the next flight to those hairy, smelly, arrogant, self-righteous, liberal nuts in France. Depp you are an idiot. Go to school, learn about the world and then begin to open your overly paid, eccentric mouth.

  17. B says

    Perhaps he attitude is directed more towards Hollywood (and the kids that come out of there) rather than the US as a whole (mind you, some parts of Washington are also slightly scary).