Special Contest – Ends Wednesday Midnight EST

I just LOVE the work that Allison Aruta does! Not only because her designs are so earthy and beautiful, but because so many of her products are associated with great causes. Allison was recently honored by the Long Island Press for her charitable work through her jewelry company. I was lucky enough to be one her guests and left the evening in tears and totally inspired to give back somehow. That’s why I’ve been posting more charity links as of late.When I was in the hospital, Allison made me a bracelet like this that said “Stay Strong”. And when times were tough (and they got tough) I would hold onto the bracelet to calm myself down. I will never forget that.The contest design created by Allison Aruta was inspired by Five for Fighting’s music and band-sponsored charity site. The handcrafted silver piece is engraved with the lyrics “History Starts Now,” from the FFF song “World.”


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  1. mm says

    What a great way to remind oneself to make the most of every single day, to not save things for tomorrow, and to make a difference. I love the bracelet – very inspiring. :-)

  2. kris says

    Her jewelery is beautiful. I admire her and her efforts. I would be proud to wear her bracelet.

  3. Lisawicklund says

    I absolutely love her jewelry! So beautiful. Love your site as well. Visit you at least 3 times a day…

  4. gaia says

    beyond the mountain…there are mountains……

    HI, that bracelet just represents my lifestyle!

  5. Savage says

    Wow. That bracelet is gorgeous. I’d like to find something like that for my grandma. My grandma passed away a year ago, as of the 25th, and something with that kind of inspirational message, as “History Starts Now” seems fitting.

  6. Mrs. Haynes says

    I am a history and language arts teacher. This bracelet would be a wonderful way for me to accessorize and send a message to my middle school and high school students each day.

  7. hippieechild says

    I have always been enthralled by earthy pieces that make a statement. In this case, Allison Aruta’s designs are not just reminiscent of nature and of course- stunning, but they say something. Theyre message is as beautiful as her work and I LOVE that.

    peace and love

  8. Leslie R. says

    Vera – I haven’t been able to view your site for almost over a year now, but I’m back and your site is as fabulous as ever!!

    This bracelet is amazing – you always find such wonderful items!! I work as a Program Coordinator at a ranch for children that are up for adoption or foster care. The abuse that they have endured is mind boggling. The phrase “History starts now” is something I will definitely start using with my kids!! Wow – I love powerful sayings!

    Regardless of whether or not I win this one … I’ll be checking out her site and hopefully be able to get some of the generous people that help my organization out to donate some money to purchase some of these for my kids!!! Thanks again for always sharing things with us that we might never have known existed!!!

  9. QueenBea says

    I wish someone had made me a bracelet when I was in the hospital. This girl is amazing. I love that her idea of charity is all about giving back, and not just profit. Loves it!

  10. Laura S. says

    I love this bracelet. I am having surgery today and this bracelet could help me feel better during my recovery :).

  11. Joy says

    Pick me Vera. Help curve my addiction to shopping. This way I get a great braclet and I can stop shopping on line long enough to work today.

  12. Susan says

    What fantastic work Allison does! This bracelet and song are so thoughtful and inspiring –history happens at the end of every moment.

  13. Kelly says

    That bracelet is beautiful and meaningful at the same time. I think I found a new obsession!!

  14. Zombcat says

    What a wonderful way to help out an awesome cause. Five For Fighting rocks! Hope everyone checks out the website and watches some videos! :)

  15. Sofiaroca says

    I love her art, it has peotry on it and its moving and inspiring,
    those are the best qualities in an object you want to wear on yourself.
    I love your site! always with the latest news, the cutest dresses and the positive constructive attitude.

  16. Odyssey says

    That bracelet is wonderful- just the thing to wear everyday in the historic house where I work! Exactly what I try to tell all the school kids:)

  17. Brianna says

    Those are really nice, I would definitely wear it and know a lot of others that would as well.

  18. Kathy says

    You know, I just filed the divorce papers yesterday and this bracelet would definitely be a phenom way to start off my new life, on my own as a single parent to 3 kids. A new beginning, a new chapter, a new history. Plus, my birthday is on the 23rd of this month! Please, pick me!!!

  19. bridget says

    it is up to the people of our generation, the 20 year olds and yes even the children to change the world. We need to love one another and not focus on power or money….all we need is love.

  20. jill says

    Hello there-

    I love to check out your website first thing in the morning and I applaud your efforts to bring recognization to charity and world issues along with gossip!

    The jewelry is exceptionally beautiful and simple with a powerful message, I love it!


  21. cassie says

    This is lovely! Considering I have been in a legal battle because a laser machine melted most of the fat cells on my face, I say history does start now.