Hilary Duff Supports Her Man


Hilary Duff went to a New York Rangers versus New York Islanders hockey game to show her support for boyfriend, Islanders’ Mike Comrie. She is so cute to be nervous for her honey like that! It’s funny that filming and get photographed by millions of paparazzi don’t make Hil break into a sweat, but watching her sweetie play a good game can get her biting her nails :) My husband has that habit…




  1. tash says

    y should she give some on an autagraph? would some one come up to you and ask you for an autagraph? would u want some one to? shes trying to be a normal person TREAT HER LIKE 1

  2. justin says

    i am a huge fan of hilary to and hilary has done this a few times but how i see it is when she is not working as a singer or actress and its her as a normel person she wont sign anything shes not beine mean its just her like when im off from my job i dont want to talk about my job but lauren & tash nice comments to Hilary u rock!!!

  3. Lauren says

    the person giving her an autograph….it wasnt like a teenager or a guy it was like a 8 year old girl….i understand that she is trying to be a normal person but seriously it was a little girl….i would personally love to go up to hilary and take a pic or get a autograph but i understand and respect her privacy and her trying to enjoy the game. i was jus upset that she didnt give a little girl an autograph when alot of her fans are little girls.

    btw im not trying to trash hilary i love her…so sorry if anyone missunderstands my comments….she just upset me

  4. agus says

    jajaja me mata la foto que nervios!!!jajaj!!la amoo sale bien diva como siempre sos unica duff!!
    duffera 4 ever!!

  5. maria says

    yeh his dad is a very wealthy man,they own the The Brick store who earns 1 billion a year .his mom died whe he was only 10 yrs old.

  6. mikayla elliott says

    hi there he lovilary your mom did good i love you like a friend you rock i am your biggest fan