Shakira Leaving DaSilvano Restaurant

The best hip shaker in Hollywood was spotted leaving DaSilvano Restaurant after a late dinner. Shakira looks absolutely beautiful!!! I need to take up belly dancing if this is the end result :) Belly dancing looks fun- any readers out there ever try it?Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

shakira-exits-dasilvano-restaurant-after-a-late-night-dinner-02.jpg shakira-exits-dasilvano-restaurant-after-a-late-night-dinner-03.jpg shakira-exits-dasilvano-restaurant-after-a-late-night-dinner-04.jpg shakira-exits-dasilvano-restaurant-after-a-late-night-dinner-09.jpg


  1. Cath says

    My roommate has been belly dancing for almost 3 years now and it did wonders for her. God, her waist!! Awesome.

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