Lindsay Lohan At The Beverly Hills Hotel

Do I need my eyes checked or has Lindsay Lohan been looking better than ever since she left rehab? Sure, we all wish she would go back to her natural hair color, but that’s obviously not going to happen. Anyways, I just think she looks great in these shots of her leaving the Beverly Hills Hotel. Rehab and Riley are obviously doing her some good :)Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

06437_lindsay_lohan_at_the_beverly_hills_hotel-03_122_836lo.jpg 06492_lindsay_lohan_at_the_beverly_hills_hotel-04_122_1095lo.jpg 06550_lindsay_lohan_at_the_beverly_hills_hotel-05_122_237lo.jpg 06687_lindsay_lohan_at_the_beverly_hills_hotel-08_122_679lo.jpg 06712_lindsay_lohan_at_the_beverly_hills_hotel-09_122_1024lo.jpg 06829_lindsay_lohan_at_the_beverly_hills_hotel-12_122_1058lo.jpg 07025_lindsay_lohan_at_the_beverly_hills_hotel-15_122_1034lo.jpg


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