Petra Nemcova Visiting Haiti

Our favorite do-gooder super model, Ms. Petra Nemcova was all smiles and good will as she visited a school in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, along with rapper Wyclef Jean. In fact the school they attended happened to be the school that Wyclef Jean went to as a young child. They were there to raise money for schools, as well as offering different programs to employ local women and offer inexpensive meals.It’s heart warming to see people take time out to help those in need. Don’t you agree?

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  1. emily says

    what about the people here in America that need help? and the animals? i personally think people in hollywood are so messed up. most of them anyways.

  2. B says

    Rather than scold her, I think charity work of any sort should be appreciated. They are helping to make a difference.

    The pictures with her and the children are especially cute!

  3. ghisfr-in-paris says

    Publicity stuff: This chick likes camera always. Now wyclef is f*ucking her , NICE!

  4. AFRICAN says

    i agree with Charles, Wyclef is from Haiti so he shuld first think of his home, yall who needs help in America tel ur fellow to help and stop watching their cribs!!!!