Love It Or Hate It: Beyonce And Solange Knowles


Beyonce’s family was backstage with her at the AMA awards…and I think we have a lot to talk about with these pictures :) What do you think about the colorful shoes Beyonce wore with her more casual outfit? And how are we feeling about Solange’s poofy dress?Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

beyonce2 beyonce3 beyonce4 beyonce5 beyonce7




  1. karina says

    i love the outfit along with the shoes. Different but very intresting. She looks fabulous like always. Now watch everyone and there mother go out and buy those shoes (if they can afford them) lol

  2. me says

    I love that outfit. Those shoes are hot too. The gold dress was ok too. Solange on the other hand needed some help.

  3. Channie says

    B is the BEST in everyway! She has a fashion sense like no other and sings and dance like no other! She has TALENT! SHe beyonce she can sport anything and make it look HOT!! Those shoes are hot and diff! SOlonge looks good too I love the hair color it fits her! Yall go head and do yall thing HATERS PLEASE STOP HATING cuz the girls are doing their thing BIG TIME!!!!

  4. pumpkin49 says

    To all the negative people all i have to say is where do you work and how much money have you made this year. Talk is oh so cheap

  5. Kelly O says

    Those shoes are hideous ! They look like those Fisher-Price skates that you put over your shoes when you were 8. Why does everything she wear have to show off her boobs ? They look like they will fall out if you nudge her the wrong way ! We get it- you have big boobs ! Get over yourself !!!

  6. Fashionguru says

    the fashionguru says…the first pic is a miss and Solange does she wear anything right???

  7. Marie says

    I actually remember seeing these shoes some years ago. I honestly like them, and wore wear them! Yes they do look the the fisher price skates, or something from Lego World which makes them hotter to me. LOL!

    SoLONGMYCAREER! look whack! But is Beyaki turning into a white woman before my eyes

  8. ljr says

    I was just going to write in to say, I remember reading about those shoes, maybe last year. They were supposed to be all the rage, and everyone would be wearing them, and I thought they cost $6,000 but maybe that was what they were allegedly going to cost? I think they are awful and would never wear them.