Jennifer Garner And An Elf On The Shelf

Jennifer Garner was spotted leaving a NYC hotel carrying an “Elf on the Shelf-A Christmas Tradition,” box I checked out the Elf on the Shelf website and the idea behind the whole thing is SO cute! The box comes with a book telling the story of how Santa really knows who has been naughty or nice, and a little elf to put on the shelf and watch over the kids’ behavior.Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

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  1. anonymous says

    I used to do that when my children were little and even though they are grown up now, the elf still comes out to sit upon a random shelf. My aunt would also have elves around chandeliers and shelves at Christmas time.She told me that her mother(my grandmother) had done the same thing. Interesting that someone is capitalizing off the idea.

  2. amle says

    This pic is so she can get her in the tabloids showing she is in the Christmas spirit and a caring mom. It is like all those celebs that carry books around to show they read. (example Angelina carries certain books around to try to make herself seem smart LOL). I have a black bag that I put my books in, if out and about. This thing Jennifer is carrying would probably be in a bag if it was anyone outside of hollywood looking for publicity. I dont know why she so desperately tries for the image of being a good mom. I think most assume she probably is already. Oh, could she have possible been paid to carry it. Basically, like the cell phone companies pay the stars to carry certain phones or clothing companies pay them to wear certain clothes.

  3. Anonymous TO amle says

    Are you really that pessimistic? I was hoping you would say “just joking”, as it appears like you’re very angry at any celebrity. I think Jennifer Garner is one of the genuine ones, as she doesn’t live in Hollywood, that lifestyle, or NYC, parading her children all over the place. She will be followed, that’s just the papparazi……but I think they especially like Jennifer b/c she is one of the few celebrities that IS a genuinly good mother, raising her children herself, & isn’t all “showy” about it. Please take no offense, but if you weren’t kidding, I just hope you can find some joy in your life. Look on the positive side, you know……glass half full?

  4. Trishl says

    I had a sleepover at my house last night with my daughter’s 2 best friends. They brought their elf and their mom gave me the gist of it. She called to remind me about it at 10:20 pm. I went in to hide the thing at 10:30 but they were still awake. I then fell to sleep and did not hide the elf. Woke at 6am to hear the little girls sooo disappointed that Holly did not fly to the north pole and return in a different hiding spot in the house. OHHH the STRESS! I HATE THAT ELF!!! I DON”T LIKE Lieing to people but found myself concocting so many stupid reasons for why this might have happened. Then said, “It’s still dark out, go back to sleep”. They tried and I stole the ugly thing away and hid it. I hate that elf!

  5. Anonymous says

    I hate to say it, but that picture of Jennifer Garner holding Elf on the Shelf is so photoshopped. She’s not really walking out of a hotel with that thing. If you look at the other pics, you’ll see she doesn’t even have it in her hands. Where did it suddenly go? Check with her publicist to see if she really carries this weird tradition out with her kids.

    How odd is it that someone would photoshop it into her hands just to get themselves a little publicity?